Duke Nukem Forever - What it Needs to Succeed

BitPunch writes:
A few months ago, we were writing eulogies for Duke Nukem. With the closure of 3D Realms, it looked like the long-developed sequel was finally dead. Then Gearbox Software surprised us all, and resurrected the infamous Duke. But he’s been gone a long time, and the gaming world has changed.

This time, the Duke has his work cut out for him. If Duke Nukem Forever is going to succeed in this market, it needs to do a lot of things right: here’s our list of the top five points.

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rogue06742642d ago

I hope this game makes it, I look forward to seeing what they do with it. I still have the old shareware game disk somewhere for the first game.

mau642641d ago

Same here, it's in good hands though.

Vegeta90002642d ago

Unfortunately it's stuck with a crappy dev like Gearbox. Duke Nukem is better off dead than being run into the ground by those talentless clowns. Duke Nukem Forever will be a rental at best unless it drops down to $10 pre-owned.

vickers5002642d ago

I can see why you only have one bubble.

Urahara2642d ago

You can say the same thing about Megaman but that hasn't stopped Capcom from denying him peace.

brandynevils2641d ago

So I guess you hated borderlands.

mau642642d ago

It needs to just come out already. Sheesh

brandynevils2641d ago

I really want to try the demo for this game. I hope they make it available to all.

smashly2641d ago

I wonder if this will be a $60 game or not?

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