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Thisisxbox writes: "Deadly Premonition is a third person, survival-horror game set in the secluded rural town of Greenvale, North West America. It is a one player only outing with no Xbox LIVE features and you take on the role of FBI Special Agent, Francis York – your mission is to solve the brutal murder of a local female with the help of your split-personality. On your quest you will uncover many of Greenvale’s deadly secrets, interact with the community and ultimately find the truth in a town where mystery and murder go hand in hand..."

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jc485732766d ago

oh man, this game is getting good reviews. I remember when people thought the game sucked in US just cause they believe the press reviews.

Rocket Sauce2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

I remember that too, but there was only really one bad review from some IGN guy. According to Metacritic, people generally dig Deadly Premonition.

thisisxbox2766d ago

Graphics are very plain looking, but the game itself to play is brilliant. It has only just been released here in the UK, but it isn't a full price title and that kinda makes up for the dull visuals.

I don't think it's fair to rate gameplay badly just because of graphics and I think it's a worthwhile purchase for anyone who likes the Alan Wake, & Condemned style of games.

It takes ages to complete too - certainly not a short game!!

The_Zeitgeist2765d ago

It is supposed to look campy and dated. It has a very Dreamcast vibe to it.