Do Games Need Their Own Oprah?

Do gamers need a widely recognized face that can relate the lifestyle to the general public?

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Sadie21002823d ago

Peter Moore! Or how about Reggie Fils-Aime? ;)

JamesDeRosa2823d ago

I hate Oprah, but she does reach a lot of people. It would be nice if someone did that for games.

The_Zeitgeist2822d ago

That would suck. Then whoever that person was would have too much influence over the course of direction for the industry. Oprah is like Hitler with boobs and a nice tan.

artsaber2823d ago

But Kinect does from some reason.

The_Zeitgeist2822d ago

I hate when people say that gaming is a lifestyle. It is a hobbie. People that say it is a lifestyle are really just hinting that they are gaming addicts.