What’s The Difference Between Monster Hunter On Consoles And Portables?


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd comes packed with a whole lot more content than Monster Hunter Tri, it’s also being designed to be played in shorter bursts with the help of short quests.

“Monster Hunter Freedom 3 will offer a lot of short quests and play modes that allow players to get the most out of playing the game on their PSP, in addition to quests that take longer to complete,” Tsujimoto revealed in an internally conducted Capcom interview.

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Myst2850d ago

Hmm I guess this guy hasn't seen me and my friends play during the summer when we played for at least 8+ Hours. Starting around 11 or so and generally ended either by 6 AM or most of the time by 8 AM. Sometimes whenever the sun was coming up.

Though it's certainly cool there will be some short quests which means I can get some done in between my classes and such :).

killcycle2849d ago

the only difference's i've noticed is:

1. Slightly longer loading times
2. not as good graphics
3. No Internet online

And by the say instead of typing "Portables" it should be "PSP" becauase it is the only Portable console that can handle the same engine as the bigger ones.

Seferoth752849d ago

PSP doesnt have online for MH?

killcycle2849d ago

No it does not.
It has Ad-Hoc mode but not Infrastructure.
Ad-Hoc is Local Only.