Weekly Sales Analysis, 23 October 2010 - Fallout: New Vegas Debut

"The PlayStation 3 had significant adjustments this week, pushing the console past 40 million in sales. It has been the bestselling home console for five weeks. Week on week sales are on the rise, while the X360 continues to be the only platform up year on year. Five games debuted in the top 50, with Fallout: New Vegas debuting at the top. 15 games sold over 100,000 with five of them over 250,000."

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stonecold32818d ago

ps3 is already at 41. 6 million now maybe higher since we have already nearly 2 mnths gone now

Death24942816d ago

How Microsoft's shipped is 44.1 that they announced on the 29th. VGchartz have them sitting at 44.2 million units sold. Meanwhile Sony also announced 41.6 million, yet VGchartz have them at 40.3 million. It's funny how that works.

ChozenWoan2816d ago

"The PlayStation 3 had significant adjustments this week"

That pretty much sums up what happens when NPD doesn't release their numbers on a regular basis. VGChartz gets more and more inaccurate and thus they have to adjust their numbers by a "Significant" amount... and still they manage to miss represent the data that is already publicly available.

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CivAddict2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Thankfully Sony is selling so many more PS3s than 360s that vgchartz will soon be unable to play the fanboy sales numbers games they've been playing for the past few years.

Amazing when you consider the PS3 is still the launch price of the PS2 and yet is the third fastest selling console in history.

Crazy to think what the PS3 sales are going to be when it hits the 200 mark where the PS2 exploded in sales.

I think both PS3 and 360 fans are sick of vgchartz and their fanboy lies about sales. Pretty much everyone has accepted the 360 is soon to be in last place worldwide for the rest of this gen.

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snp2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

and why are you critsizing VG chartz?

"Meanwhile Sony also announced 41.6 million, yet VGchartz have them at 40.3 million. It's funny how that works."

OMG teh VGchartz are off by 3%, VGchartz is teh ps3 haterz!

They've begrudgingly adjusted the PS3 numbers up after being shown up pretty badly. But even there, with only a 2.9 million difference in 'shipped' numbers (assuming for the sake of argument both use 'sold to retailers' - obviously many claim Sony's numbers aren't shipped, but rather a sold to consumers equation), VGChartz can't help but push that out to a '3.9 million' difference in sales - with the 360 represented as selling almost all of its shipments to beginning October (44.2 versus 44.6) while the PS3 is well over a million, closer to a million and a half, off( 40.3 versus 41.6).

Seriously, even when caught out - as they have been - they still come back with the biggest 'acceptable' (viable) gap they think they can get away with (they just can't help themselves); and folks like yourself, against all reason, continue to back them up.

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bmw692817d ago

Great sales for New Vegas - 1.5m in a few days isn't to be sniffed at...

big_silky2815d ago

those sales should have gone to vanquish, probably the best action game i've played this gen. it's disturbing how many people will pass up a game that's polished to perfection in favor of a glitch filled mess...then turn around and bitch about how glitchy games are.

aquamala2815d ago

a game like Vanquish is much simpler than Fallout, it doesn't have an open ended world with 10s of quests, 100s of NPCs, 1000s of items, to keep track of. People that play a complex game like FO are more forgiving of bugs, actually I don't believe a game with the scale of FO can ever be bug free.

rohail882816d ago

this is vgchartz, real sales should be more than this!

1233602816d ago

vg chartz would be paying tens of thousands for accurate data of about 70% of actual sales theres so much that goes and sony only know whats sold,sony said there figures were sold to retail,ms has shipped figures.this doesn,t interest any publisher if theres no software sales,worldwide ps3 shows that across the board its number one now.ninty only comes for first party or bundles,ms is all about us,uk thats it,these are declining markets the asian markets are where the money is and soon to be china

leonlion2816d ago

Xbox 360 will be 3rd place by Christmas

SpideyNut2816d ago

...only if PS3 is 4th, behind DS, Wii, and 360.

dtalon32816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

you do realize M$ $500 million marketing campaign for kinect is going to have an effect on console sales, just like the PS3 got with people are fucking unbelievable when it comes to your fanboy statements. Either you Conveniently leave out information or You just don't have all the information, either way please stop opening your uneducated mouths.

Both sony and microsoft are doing great get over it.

leonlion2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Kinect games could you make for 500 million?
@dtalon3 clearly you're a fanboy too

psycho3602815d ago


Dont mind leonlion as he is visited by sony fairyman every night with a small wooden stick and tells him to pray that ps3 comes in 2nd this gen. So he thinks if ps3 gets in 2nd place this guy will not come to his bedroom at night with a small wooden stick which hurts his back.

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