Crush! Frag! Destroy! Review - Costume Quest

Halloweek continues and CFD!'s Dustin Stevens revisits the Halloweens of his childhood with Double Fine's first downloadable title:

"My childhood memories of Halloween involve trekking through the snow in Gary, Indiana, a homemade costume on my shoulders and a plastic, pumpkin-shaped pail for collecting candy. I always thought my costume was way cooler than it was — especially since they were usually slapped together from cardboard and paint. I don’t remember ever fighting goblins, but if I had, then Costume Quest would capture the experience pretty damn well."

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ShadowPraxis2816d ago

Played the demo - really cute. Captures that childhood feeling very well. Wish the gameplay were a little deeper, but it's charming as hell.

SynGamer2816d ago

Definitely looks cute. If the gameplay is lacking though ill have to pass.

thisdustin2816d ago

I don't know about lacking... it just gets stale a good bit before it ends.

RobsteinOne2816d ago

Assuming I stumble across a card for XBL or PSN this will probably be the first thing I buy.

ShadowPraxis2816d ago

I'd definitely pick it up if somebody got me a card, if only to support Double Fine.

Giantsquirrel2816d ago

Played the demo a little bit. While I liked what I played, it felt a bit like I'd have a Deathspank-type problem with it. Like finishing the first section and being completely overwhelmed by how much more I had left to play. Very cute and well-written, though. Wish there was voice acting.

ShadowPraxis2816d ago

The lack of voice acting didn't really bother me (though it would be nice). What did was how fast the text moved. I'm a fast reader and there were times it moved too quickly for me. That was annoying.

thisdustin2816d ago

@ Rob -- I think the idea was to set the speed so the comedy would have a good rhythm to it. But if you're like me, you're checking Facebook or Twitter during custscenes, and can miss some jokes.

ShadowPraxis2816d ago

Nah, I was focusing on the game alone. And I understand what you're saying, but I know a LOT of people read slower than I do and *I* was missing stuff when I was paying attention. You can afford to set that pace when you have voice acting - written dialog? Not so much.

RobsteinOne2816d ago

Yeah, pacing or not it probably wouldn't have hurt to do the whole "push a button to progress to the next text block" thing.

ShadowPraxis2816d ago

Essentially. Still, I'm glad for my reading speed ;P

tigresa2815d ago

Battle system is amazing and a fun idea, but the wandering around part was a little boring.

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