Can Rock Band save music games?

Eurogamer: "It's fair to say that it's not the best of times to be putting out a music game. With Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock posting dismal first week sales and DJ Hero 2 failing to break into the UK top 20, there's a consensus that the music genre might be all played out.

Enter Harmonix with its phenomenal Rock Band 3 – a genre-defining experience and one of the finest titles you'll play this year. Eurogamer sat down with project director Daniel Sussman to find out whether creating a near-perfect game will be enough to lift the genre out of the doldrums and where the franchise can possibly go next."

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Quagmire2849d ago

Rock Band killed music games. The music game genre is dead, now we look forward to more...

*looks towards horizon*

FPS's?! Oh f-

Neckbear2848d ago

Rock Band ain't Guitar Hero.

TheLastGuardian2848d ago

Rock Band are the only Music games worth playing. Harmonix improvises while GH devs just crap out another setlist each year. I'm so pissed they have Chili Peppers and Soundgarden exclusively.

Neckbear2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Everything needs to be saved these days.

What's next? Visual Novels will save porn games? Bayonetta will save hack 'n' slashs? The Witcher 2 will save WRPGs?