RUMOR: Mike Haggar's Marvel vs Capcom 3 Appearance Leaked?

The good mayor of Metro City seems poised to make a grand return to the ring of Fighting games. If this leaked photo from Capcom's very own employee blog is to be believed, Mike Haggar will be a playable participant in the upcoming, long-awaited Marvel VS. Capcom 3. Nothing is confirmed of course, but it looks pretty legit.

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Masamori Sumimura2698d ago

get megaman in there instead.

FiftyFourPointTwo2698d ago

MegaMan will be there. Which version (Classic, Volnutt, Trigger, EXE, someone from ZX) is the question.

Lyr1c2697d ago

I say .EXE
Use Blues/Protoman instead of Zero this time to change up the pace as well. Either that, or add Bass.....

pedrami912698d ago

Go for a Haggar x 3 team !

multipayer2697d ago

I know what I'm going to do first.

xskipperx822698d ago

People are thinking that's Megaman's arm in the bottom corner

Baka-akaB2698d ago

It fits , the game hasnt revealed yet a grappler , beyond maybe hulk . And haggar could easily replace zangief in the game , since they share some moves

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The story is too old to be commented.