Sex Workers and Sex Slavery in 'Fallout: New Vegas'

For all it’s bugginess and slightly outdated graphics and stiff animations, this is the area where Fallout: New Vegas shines most brightly, presenting you with compelling moral quandaries and letting you make decisions. Having added a nifty Reputation system into this game, the consequences of those decisions now vary across the wasteland.

Some will love you, while others will hate you for what you do, as is the way in the real world, where the moral landscape is a jumbled mass of prejudices, preferences, and pretensions. Even so, the game’s options usually come down to questions that the vast majority of people would agree upon about what is moral and what is immoral (killing innocents for your own gain is bad, killing psychopathic killers is good). However, there are a few exceptional set-ups where morality is much less clear, and the ones that fascinated me the most were a pair of quests centered around sex slavery and prostitution.

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Quagmire2849d ago

*Waits for article to hit 1000 degrees*

visualb2849d ago

this game is great you know =| (once you get past the bugs)

however, there is a lot of sex in it its fair I guess

DORMIN2849d ago

Just like real Vegas? lol

rdgneoz32849d ago

Hey, Fisto the robot is not a sex slave.

soundslike2849d ago

Commence: lesbian powerfist sequence

duplissi2849d ago

is your avatar from elfen lied?

soundslike2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

My character hasn't killed any innocent people...but slaughtered everyone in Gomorrah for their bestial sins. (and to get some prostitute outfits)

Jack-Pyro2849d ago

XD, Gotta love those bondage prostitute outfits.