DualShockers Review: DJ Hero 2

DS writes, "Last year, the team at Freestyle games and Activision brought something entirely new to the rhythm genre. While most were unsure on how exactly it would work, when it was finally released, DJ Hero managed to turn everyone and especially critics into believers. And while most of the feedback was positive, sales didn’t exactly reflect that same sentiment.

Compared to most videogame sales (most is the key word here kids), DJ Hero actually did pretty well. But when you’re the king of selling games (Activision), just ok sometimes isn’t good enough, and the fate of the franchise at one point seemed up in the air. Luckily enough, it didn’t stop them from making a sequel. Read on to find out how that sequel had my avatar fist pumping (a-la Jersey Shore) and me dancing on my sofa."

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booni32670d ago

As a fleeting fan of music games, i am interested in trying DJ HERO 2. It features a mature swagger that seems to escape all the band hero, rock band, and guitar hero games.

thevokillist2670d ago

Never had a chance to really sit down with DJ Hero 2, but I am a fan of rhythm games so its definitely up my alley. Good review!

Ninferno2670d ago

nice... looks totally worth the price.