Unearthed: Nintendo 2001 Prototype Motion-Sensing One-Handed Controller by Gyration

In an alternative Universe, this is what the Nintendo Wii's Wiimote and nunchuck would have looked like: this is the amazing transforming GyroPod, a motion-sensing gamepad prototype that Gyration made for Nintendo back in 2001.

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MK_Red4127d ago

Looks like a tormented and tortured PS2 controller :)

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4127d ago

Yeah it looks like a PS2 controller except it doesn't have The top-middle section where the wire is suppose to come from.

BrotherNick4127d ago

That maybe would have been better for the hardcore to deal with cause you can use it both ways.

heroman7114127d ago

LOL love the tormented thing u said. bubbles for u

unsunghero284127d ago

If Nintendo had brought that thing out for the GC I'm betting the GC would be winning like the Wii is now. Except people wouldn't criticize the 'Cube for not being powerful, because it was (arguably) more powerful than the PS2 and less expensive.

djt234127d ago

that control look like it could break my risk

bootsielon4127d ago

I had thought of that before! In fact, that's what I thought it would be the perfect controller! Except of course, with all the missing shoulder buttons. Adding this controller and horsepower to the Wii would have been the best console ever (or at least on par with 360 and PS3)