NYtimes: Microsoft Is Said to Be Buying Canesta, a Chip Maker

Microsoft is buying a chip company that specializes in gesture recognition technology, which allows people to control computers and other devices just by moving their bodies, according to people briefed on the deal.

A Start-Up Has Survived to Beam Up Your Gestures (March 29, 2010) Microsoft is expected to announce its planned purchase of Canesta, a small Silicon Valley company, late Friday. The purchase will give Microsoft access to chips that, when combined with a digital camera, allow things like cars, toys and computers to perceive the world in three dimensions. That capability sits at the heart of the burgeoning field of gesture recognition.

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Omega42604d ago

MS certainly is serious about this tech. I got a feeling its going to be a very big part of Windows 8 and obviously the next Xbox.

k2d2604d ago

Do you get paid to say that?

Zachmo1822604d ago


Did you get paid to say that he got paid?

R2D22604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Did you get payed to ask the guy who said did you get paid to the other guy if got paid?

MicroSony4Life2604d ago

Did you get paid to ask the guy who asked who asked the other guy if got paid to ask the other guy if he got paid?

darthv722604d ago

We are talking windows 8 with minority report controls. How long till MS buys a company that makes holodecks?

Nihilism2604d ago

Don't kid yourself, it will fail hard. I'm sure office workers would just love to wave their arms around instead of simply moving a 4000dpi mouse 5mm in order to click on a few things


KratosGod32604d ago

I think Omega4 is Bill Gates but undercover.
got youuuuuuu Bill :)

MNicholas2604d ago

This purchase is Microsoft saying "why do with software what could be done worse in hardware?"

JokesOnYou2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

I dont think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out their trying to limit their competitors for motion control tech and buying others who use similiar tech decreases the risk of lawsuits for patent infringement. Just smart business.

Ju2604d ago

Wow, I actually agree with JokesOnYou on that. MS pretty much is buying out everything which could remotely be a competition to their own motion tech.

Sheikh Yerbouti2604d ago

Omega4, you are a shmuck, but I not only agree with you, I hope you are right. I think Kinect is cool as a technology, but games are going to have to sell it for me as a gamer - not saying it won't mind you. But I can get dizzy at thinking of the possibilities of a suite of face/voice recognition and 3D motion detection. It is in its infancy, but imagine the possibilities in Sports science and Physical Rehabilitation, Security and Surveillance, Computer-assisted education, etc.

For gaming, it really needs a controller. Kinect should get its own power glove using with little Move balls on the thumb index and forefinger.

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btk2604d ago

And here we are thinking that Kinect already can do it.
Good tech though. It will become practical when we have some HD camera with better speed.

siyrobbo2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

by buying out these and 3dv, they are buying up the competition so no other games company can licence the tech

darkequitus2604d ago

I was thinking the same thing.

HyperBear2604d ago

This is actually a switch for M$. Finally!, they are buying and owning something rather then laying off, closing down or selling companies/developers/studios that they themselves created in the first place. Definitely good going for M$.

siyrobbo2604d ago

ms are constantly buying and closing companies, for as long as i can remember

kinetic1002604d ago

the thing about minority repot was that he wore gloves with lights on the fingers in order to interact with the screen. This gave him more control. It was like having a PS3 move on the end of every finger and not just the camara on it own. Until these camaras can detect 10 lights, or each finger. They won't be much use for an operating system. Unless its a slimed down version like Windows Media.

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