Dance Central pre-release copies recalled, should still make launch [update]

Joystiq writes:

"Pre-release copies of Dance Central sitting in retail warehouses have been recalled, but MTV Games tells Joystiq that the Kinect launch title will be available for next week's November 4 release date. Thanks to a source, we obtained a note detailing the recall by Microsoft due to "a misprint in the owner's manual."

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jack_burt0n2735d ago

Must be one hell of a misprint. LOL.

wat6342735d ago

Don't matter, as long as i get to play it on the 4th.

KratosGirI2735d ago

Recalled because of a misprint?

That's stupid. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl had a misprint on the manual and it didn't get recalled!

guerojose2735d ago

Yeah, if it smells like BS, and looks like BS...

When's the last time you bough a game where the manual DIDN'T have a mis-print.

Clearly this thing isn't ready for the public, despite all of the paid celebrity cheerleading, and obvious attempts to hide it until the last second.


gamingdroid2735d ago

LOL... seriously?

The game gets recalled, and still makes it for the launch as promised. Yet, somehow it isn't ready for the public? ... even worse because of a misprint in a manual?

Some people really grasps at straws!!!

Sitris2735d ago

must be something pretty series to pull it just days away.

SnukaTheMan2735d ago

his Move aint being "touched' no more anyways.....

Sitris2735d ago

the only game that looked good for kinect gets delayed. GAY!

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