Fallout 3: I’m In It For The Forks

StartGame: Fallout 3 is an unashamedly broken game. It’s buggy, glitchy and regularly freezes, but I always come back for more. If you want to know why, it’s simply that in real life I just love hoarding stuff. As anyone who’s played the game will know, there’s a whole lot of stuff in the Capital Wasteland to take and a whole bunch of lockers to keep it all in.

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The Matrix2850d ago

95 hours 2 glitches for me

outwar60102850d ago

What? seriously? did you play the ps3 version?(the dlc where you went to the place with the onbred hicks was unplayable and left unpatched it literally crashed my ps3 dozens of times a playing session) if you didnt experience any major glitches you'd have to admit that the gameplay wasnt smooth at all. but story and everything was great i just wished they delayed it to maybe put it through quality assurance!

DirtyLary2850d ago

I just picked this one up. Figured it would be glitch free by now.

Eiffel2850d ago

226 hours, never really ran into any glitches other than Operation Anchorage, towards the end, it started acting funky.

Megaton2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Aside from gathering up 1 of each article of clothing in the entire game and all possible unique weapons, I collected sporks, bubblegum, and gum drops. The gum drops are really rare. Only 4 packs in the whole game, I think. Sunglasses too. Only 4 pairs, not including the Lucky Shades in the store near Tenpenny Tower. One of the pairs is on a random encounter AI who sometimes gets stuck permanently in an inaccessible area on the bridge behind Arefu.

Approximately 500 hours spent, a dozen playthroughs, countless bugs and crashes. One of the most ironic and memorable was Megaton's Enclave cheerleader, Nathan, appearing in Raven Rock only to be killed by Enclave soldiers as I was making my escape.

writersblock2850d ago

Nathans supposed to be in Raven Rock, hes there in everyones game. It implies the enclave kidnaps him

outwar60102850d ago

huh? when did the enclave invade megaton?

Megaton2850d ago

In all but that one file, he never leaves Megaton. I can always find him wandering around the city long after I've finished Raven Rock.

writersblock2850d ago

I gaurantee you 100%
This is straight from the fallout 3 wiki:

If you did not blow up Megaton, he later appears in the Enclave's Raven Rock base in one of the cells next to yours, warning "They're not who they say they are, get out while you can, before they get you too!" You cannot make him follow you and attempting to talk to him will simply result in him repeating his warning. It is highly likely that he will be killed during the escape from Raven Rock. His body will have the key for Nathan and Manya's House. In the event that he does survive the escape from Raven Rock, he can be found in Megaton, however he says nothing about his escape and his dialogue options about supporting the Enclave are the same as before. It can be assumed this is due to the developers not adding new dialogue because of the possibility of Nathan dying during the escape.

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