Little Big Planet 2 Beta's 10 Most Incredibly Awesome Levels

The Little Big Planet 2 beta is in full swing, and gamers are already creating incredible levels. Here are ten of the coolest gamer-made LBP2 levels - so far.

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metsgaming2519d ago

In a way i dont want to watch anymore of these levels because i want to see them when i actually play them.

Godmars2902519d ago

The sound on the GT is horribly mangled.

DORMIN2519d ago

Amazing! This is going to be a generation defining game.

thebudgetgamer2519d ago

the levels people made in the first little big planet were amazing. i cant wait too get my hands on what they make with the expanded tool-set.

-Alpha2519d ago

Those levels pale in comparison to what I'm seeing in LBP2.

This is going to get 97+ on MC, I am sure of it.

Bell Boy2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )


wait till you see sackbots customized in dlc costumes that were once only for the player to wear, incorporated in themed levels. Think Metal Gear, Marvel, Pirates of Caribbean and Sonic.

Media Molecule have opened up a gold mine for dlc costumes because they have real purpose now in building levels

Myself I may get the full ghostbusters pack now and see what level I can design

This game is LBP on steriods x 100 bloody amazing and to think this is just the beta

LightSamus2519d ago

I want a laser pigeon now.

Blaine2519d ago

Designed by... Tom Builder--nice! Cathedral level next?

Huwmor2519d ago

Togglebot and controlling chamber were the only new ones there that I thought looked awesome, stereo/mono is always awesome though.

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