Rumor: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II future DLC details leaked

Several modders have found several files in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II that may hint at the future DLC plans for the game.

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the story was waaaaaaay to short!

Soldierone2819d ago

Business model for new games:

Release supuer short game, keep majority of content locked from user
Release "DLC" at which unlocks content for user at hefty price
Release "DLC" which unlocks the last bit of content for user
Bundle release DLC
Sell "GOTY" edition which includes all content unlocked
Sell actual "DLC"

you can thank Activision COD model for inspiring others.

Yi-Long2819d ago

... but I'll never participate in it.

As soon as developers announce DLC-milking before the game is even out, or very shortly after, I'll just refuse to buy the game and wait a year, and IF I'm still interested by then, I might pick up the GOTY version for 20 bucks orso, if it has all the DLC included.

DLC has just made me spend LESS money. Not more.

Baka-akaB2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

i'm all for trashing activision , but they hardly started the trend and the model , only "optimized" it .

People always always forget Mechassault , or later on the likes of bethesda with the infamous horse armor .

So far only dlc i bought were characters for a fighting game , or rock band 1-2 pack of tracks

ThanatosDMC2818d ago

That would be really effed up. Though it sounds exactly what Bioware is doing with Dragon Age and Bethesda with Fallout 3.

Yeah, im one of those who bought all the dlcs for Fallout and Dragon Age... gotta love good addicting games with depth.

Nihilism2818d ago

You are what is wrong with gaming, they sold you a half finished POS and then then announce they will sell you your left testicle and self respect that they stole from you back, and you cheer and rub your hands waiting for the day that you can give them more money


newtonfb2819d ago

I was hoping they were going to add MOVE support....Id purchase it then

SpaceSquirrel2819d ago

I remember there was an ad for the Playstation Move as a lightsaber. Could that be a future DLC patch for Force Unleashed 2?

mjolliffe2819d ago

Yeah, I remember - - Hopefully it'll come true :)