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Godmars2902760d ago


At least they didn't waste a Frankenstein moment.

TheLastGuardian2760d ago

ROFL when they started dancing. With all there is to do in LBP2 It's going to be hard to stop playing it for the other 25 games I want in 2011.

Shani2759d ago

I laughed so hard when they started dancing...
damn... cant wait for this game...

Chuk_Chuk2760d ago

Did antone else notice the new gadget at 45 seconds. Looks like it spraying water.

RedSoakedSponge2755d ago

it does fires out anything you want it to like the paintinator. but u can also fire out stuff you create.

truegame2760d ago

WOW..... Gave me a big smile in the office today...

alphakennybody2760d ago

You can't help but to smile everytime MM releases a lbp video.

blasian2760d ago

Thats so true, @2:13 when it looked like he was yelling i was laughin so hard

slutface2760d ago

haha too cute for my brain to comprehend...makes me wanna slap my mama

karl2760d ago

i want to see sackboy ROBOTOS!!

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