Mountain Dew's Halo 3 ad

Or should that headline read Halo 3's Mountain Dew ad? Hmm, chicken or the egg? Anyway, ever do a multiplayer match of Halo online? If so, then this advertisement for the Mountain Dew/Halo 3 soda should make perfect sense. Look at all the people screaming in their languages, it's so international. Wonder if the Halo 3 version of Mountain Dew is even available in all those countries featured?

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toughNAME3733d ago

pretty good comercial
could have used more gameplay though

DruePhoenix3733d ago

mountain dew doesnt really care about gameplay, just that Halo people say "what? it has Halo on it? well I'll buy it!"

Marceles3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Homer talking to Goulash salesman in New York Simpsons episode: "I'm thirsty...what you got to drink?"

Goulash salesman: "Well we have Mountain Dew and we have crab juice"

Homer: "Ewwwwwww.....I'll take a crab juice."

I never liked Mountain Dew but I still can't wait to play Halo 3

edit: disagrees? people actually like Mountain Dew? no taste buds at all...the slurpee and red isn't that bad, but I'll never get the green. I'd rather drink Nyquil

Omega Kaze3733d ago

They should come out with some sort of Halo 3 crab juice...well actualy they should probably come out with crab juice first seeing how I dont think it exists yet.

If it does exist....thats just pretty awesome, and I need it.

Marceles3733d ago

Crab juice actually does exist, it might sell like crazy with a Halo logo. It's not really used for drinking though, more for stew flavoring

etownone3733d ago

that sh*t was classic.

Ahhhh3733d ago

i thought that new MTDEW was pretty good.

Mr Murda3733d ago

Like a cherry/orange caffeinated koolaid.

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