Motorstorm: Apocalypse Beta website goes online

Gamersmint: Gamersmint has found out the official website for the BETA of Motorstorm: Apocalypse, we reported( via Gamingbolt) yesterday that such an website existed and you can expect a announcement for the beta of the game very soon.

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prongs1232853d ago

Nice, can't wait to play it

Sunny_D2853d ago

Seems like people forget about this game with GT5 around the corner. Although I believe this game will come out next year?

Does anyone know when it will release?

ddurand12853d ago

i believe its march or february of next year.

raztad2853d ago

"Motorstorm: Apocalypse releases for the PS3 in Feb next year."

This is gonna be a problem. I dont have that much time to play two big games simultaneously. Why to release MS:A the same month than KZ3? it doesnt make sense.

DigitalAnalog2853d ago

Sony have some real issues when it comes to releasing their exclusives.

-End statement

cyborg2853d ago

it's always good to play something for free before deciding to buy it. If it's even half as good as KZ 3 one, I will be more than happy though!

Blaster_Master2853d ago

You dont have to wait for this beta to see if you like Motorstorm. Pacific Rift is my favorite racer to date, and after playing it, I would bet the farm that this game is gonna be more than stellar. It wouldn't surprise me if I have more fun playing this than GT5 IMHO.

djreplay2853d ago

I think you will need plus for this, lucky I have it.

Sevir042853d ago

I think this week it's time to become a plus subscriber!!!


Good to know.

I assume this will be a beta for PS Plus users.

despair2853d ago

thats kinda funny because I'm hoping it is PS+ for my sake lol.