42 Hot Games Only on PS3 (42-16)

The PlayStation 3 already has its fair share of impressive exclusive titles. Blockbuster games such as Uncharted 2, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Killzone 3 have set the bar pretty high for upcoming titles.

Fortunately the lineup is looking very strong indeed. Over the next few days CVG will be counting down 42 of the most anticipated upcoming PS3 exclusives.

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scar202852d ago

The only problem i found was dynasty warriors 7 is also on xbox360 in the english version its only exclusive to ps3 in japan.

GoldPS32851d ago

I don't have a problem getting fine booty like that every night.

Perjoss2851d ago

its actually 2 bald guys trying to look through the same telescope.

alphakennybody2852d ago

cvg trying too win back some credibility after their last gt5 "article"

Killed4Less2852d ago


42. Final Fantasy Versus XIII:

I would make that 41.

39. Horizon:

I would make that 40.

38. Dynasty Warriors 7

I would make that 39.

37. Prince of Persia Collection

I would make that 38.

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise

I would make that 37. And the 360 version isn't censored.

30. Virtua Tennis 4

I would make that 36. Every VT has been on 360 VT4 won't?

24. Explodemon

I would make that 35. This is coming to XBL despite the dev throwing a fit.

17. Final Fantasy XIV

I would make that 34. Also on the PC and not doing so well.

Agent will be a timed exclusive but I guess that can slide.

I understand the desire to list every single game under the sun over and over again for PS3 owners but come on.

Nathaniel_Drake2851d ago

Until I see it FF versus XIII is exclusive to PS3

poindat2851d ago

Please show me your source that says that Agent will be a timed exclusive, because as of right now, that's a pretty big assumption. And an assumption that, I believe, will be wrong unless you have some concrete proof.

Nihilism2851d ago

I take it no one on this site plans to buy:

Crysis 2
Dragon Age 2
Bioshock Infinite
Mass Effect 3 ( or 2 if your a PS3 owner )
Dead Space 2
Dungeon Siege 3
Duke Nukem Forever
Batman Arkham City
Deus EX: Human Revolution
Resident Evil 6
F.E.A.R 3

Multiplats sucks maaaaaaannne

alphakennybody2851d ago

lol! none of those has me really excited unlike ps3 first and second party games,the only "maybe" from that list DS3 as i loved the first one very much.

Jay5202851d ago

It's always nice to play a game designed specifically for your system. Especially for the PS3 because it typically gets shitty ports, although that's changing now with games like MOH, Vanquish, Castlevania, etc.

milohighclub2851d ago

vanquish was developed on ps3

DigitalAnalog2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Unless of course those "multi-plats" gave PS3 users the "short-end of the stick." They're only giving us more incentives to purchase exclusives. Heck, I didn't even purchase Enslaved because of that and it was one of my most anticipated titles.

Note: I'm putting Vanquish and Castlevania on my priority list next month due to the port BEING PROPER and the games being EXCELLENT.

-End statement

TABSF2851d ago

Like Killed4Less has shown is not all are exclusive, I also noticed 2 others did not

DC Universe and Agency are coming to PC and will be far superior

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