Sonic Colors Cutscene Exclusive Shows Off Voice Talent and More

DamnLag - "Yes. YES. Sonic totally just did a moonwalk and break the 4th wall there. You may also notice that Sonic and Tails have new voices. Better yet, neither of them sound that bad."

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Mastersnake102701d ago

I've gotta say, that video cutscene did actually make me chuckle at the moonwalk. I'll remain cautiously optimistic on this game.

Masamori Sumimura2701d ago


It will take a while for me to get used to sonic's new voice.

GamingGuru2701d ago

Sonic seems to have passed puberty.

AWBrawler2699d ago

Now he actually sounds his age. according to the games, he should be 17 years old now

Valay2701d ago

I don't really care about the voices. I just want the game to be enjoyable!

DLKyle2701d ago

Valay: Agreed.

The story I can completely ignore, just please PLEASE don't mess up the gameplay for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.