Is BlazBlue's Valkenhayn DLC worth $8?

A couple of months ago, BlazBlue: CS received its first downloadable character in the form of Makoto. She's an awesome character to play as and is definitely worth the price. At the end of September, BlazBlue's second downloadable fighter, Valkenhayn, was released on the PSN. Unsurprisingly, the DLC is once again priced at $7.99.

Don't cry just yet. This butler is easily one of the most interesting characters in the game.

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Danny_D2521d ago

There must, MUST, be a color palette swap that makes him black, with a full beard and black hair.
It should also make him say snappy comments about Uncle Phil's weight and Carlton's height. :P

Fulensenca2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

if so I would gladly pay 8$ for that!


deafwing2521d ago

that is exactly why we won't pay that much for one character .. it's rediculous

Delriach2521d ago

Lol I think we all would

moveman262521d ago

WTF. Why is it 8 bucks? I could buy an entire game for that much. Thanks for milking us aksys.