Blu-ray Disc Association Has Big Plans for IFA Consumer Electronics Tradeshow

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) will be one of the main attraction at this year's IFA Consumer Electronics Tradeshow, which officially kicks-off on Friday. At their display, the BDA will display one of the largest showcases of Blu-ray technology, including consumer electronics, professional equipment, and movie media.

The BDA will also be holding a press event - scheduled for tomorrow - which will feature representatives from 20th Century Fox, Warner Home Video, Sony Pictures, and Disney Corp.

Sun Microsystems will be hosting a series of "Java Powered Blu-ray Disc Developer Forums" where they will showcase the interactive power of BD-Java. Here, content owners can get hands-on experience with how they can enhance their titles using Java on Blu-ray discs.

The BDA plans to use IFA as a milestone for Blu-ray to become the next generation content standard, as they plan to showcase what has been achieved since CES earlier this year.

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damnwrx4123d ago

Go Blu-ray & Good Luck.

RadientFlux4123d ago

I don't dislike Blu-ray but doesn't seem odd that every day there is another article on why Blu-ray is the best thing ever