Stunning Wii 2 designs, which one would you want to be real?

Gamersmint: While, the interwebs is full of next-gen concepts of Xbox 720 and PS4, we were quite surprised to see the lack of concepts for a Wii 2, which seems the most likely to be announced, much before either a new Xbox and PS hits the market.

However, we have hunted down what we can and have collected seven stunning Wii 2 concepts which might excite you.

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psb2845d ago

the first one looks good alright

ChickeyCantor2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

The first one lookes like a router...
And the fifth one looks like an harddisk...

catguykyou2845d ago

I'm fairly convinced that I wouldn't want a hologram type gaming system. I just can't imagine how anything could change my perspective enough to immerse me into what is happening the way a screen does. Maybe if used as a form of 3D tech, still using a screen but have the hologram used to make the images pop out and have depth. Otherwise, I don't see a future for it unless it becomes like a holo deck situation where everything in the room takes on the illusion which isn't going to happen any time soon.

cyborg2845d ago

A hologram type system will only work if you have some futuristic glasses which converts your living room into a fictional world and your body's signs are captured by the system automatically. In a nutshell you are transferred to a diff virtual world all together with ur mind playing the controller!

wdeath2845d ago

Man, this is totally awesome!

prongs1232845d ago

I am not bothered about a Wii 2 unless it allows to me cook sandwiches!

ChickeyCantor2845d ago

Like the PS3 can BBQ/Grill?

I KID Y'all

Bounkass2845d ago

Omg, first PS4's future designs, then X"720"(Wtf!? Who mad that up!?)'s, and now Wii 2? What's next? Dreamcast 2? On with the news... Oh wait...

ChickeyCantor2845d ago

If you are surprised by the name of 720, then be surprised people call it Wii 2.

Super nintendo wasn't called Nes2 and n64 wasn't called SNES2...


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