StarWars The Force Unleashed II Saber Crystal, Bacta Tank, Experience Points Collectibles Guide

Star Wars The Force Unleashed II is the second installment in the Force Unleashed saga by Lucas Arts. Starkiller is more deadly in this sequel and you can make him more destructive by upgrading his skills and weapon with the holocrons you can find in the game.

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The_Quiet_Man2765d ago

Wait till it's patched before you buy or rent this game. I was trying to play the game at my friends house & the game kept freezing over & over, to point where its game-breaking. It's funny because the demo works & the full game's a mess.

Karum2764d ago

Did you get to a certain pint before this started happening? Because I played for a few hours last night on PS3 and it ran absolutely fine.

I noticed a little frame rate drop in one place for a few seconds but apart from that, no issues at all.

DarkBlood2764d ago

well i guess that sucks cuz i had no problem what soever in fact i started playing as soon as i downloaded the dlc and i didnt stop playing till i beat it plus it was on hard mode as well

stuntman_mike2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

mine froze a few times and i had to restart my PS3, that was only 20 mins in.