Who Is The Greatest PC Developer Of All Time?

Kotaku:"Ask that question 100 times and you'll get 100 different answers. Lucasarts. Sierra. Bethesda. Valve. Westwood. Ask me 100 times, though, and I'll give you the same answer 100 times running: Origin.

See, while I applaud "specialist" developers - those like Valve who continually progress the one genre or series - to me, if you're going to talk about the greatest PC developer of all time, it needs to be one that has proven itself across multiple generations, genres and series. Why? Because if a developer can come top of the class in more than one kind of game, it shows that there's brilliance running right through the company, not just in the engine room or art department."

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RedDead2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

EA sucked for a while but they're sorta back on track now I think. Eventually when Kotick dies Activision may start to build up a good reputation and make quality games again....hopefully anyway

ipwnall2764d ago

The greatest PC developer of all time is hands down Blizzard. All of their games are top notch titles. They take their time, but when the game releases, it's the best in the genre.

Blacktric2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

They seriously are the best developers ever. Especially seeing how Starcraft II turned out (price bump from 50 to 60 dollars and cutting the game into 3 pieces) made me sure of it. Oh and let's not forget their agreement with Activision.

ipwnall2764d ago

Blacktric- I'm sorry, my response to that is "LOL!"

I'm almost positive you haven't played the game or do not own it. Regardless of how many pieces it's broken into, the value rivals the top competitors. The single player is longer than 90% of the games this generation and the multiplayer will keep you hooked till you're breaking all bonds in your social life.

As for the agreement with Activision, did that affect their games in terms of quality?

NSG2764d ago


Dude, wow, just shhh before you embarrass yourself even more.

Detroitnews2764d ago

Agreed. From the hundreds of hours I put into Warcraft, Diablo, WoW and SC, there is no developer that's even close.

Motion2764d ago

I may be incorrect in asking this, but isn't Activision merely a publisher, not a developer?

Nihilism2764d ago

I own the game and everything Blacktric said was true, even if he was just trolling. THe ga,e was a simple re-skin on a 12 year old game. Old units were swapped for new like change at all, the game is extremely dated graphically was well, I mean several years behind RTS games released i 2008....the game wasn't even balanced on release either so they can hardly be said to release games with good polish. How many patches has SC1 had, 30?

The only good thing about SC2 was the pre-rendered videos.

They lied about the game being as long as the 3 campaigns in SC1 as was only as long as 1 of them.


I'm going to go with bioware. Despite the fact that they are multiplat devs, their games are always awesome on PC and we usually get a decent interface, instead of something just tacked on to shut us up, Eg. Dragon Age with the hotbar and isometric view options.

Blacktric2763d ago

Trolling? LMAO. Nice going guys. Keep the heat going like this. I played most of the Blizzard games out there some of you never know or played. The only one I didn't play is World Of Warcraft and I'm not thinking about playing it. So don't try to tell me how a great developer Blizzard was "once". Nowadays, they are all about money. Breaking the game down into three pieces might extend the experience but what's with the price bump? Oh right of course, it's a part of the experience. Right.

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evrfighter2764d ago


Ohhhhhh you mean those guys that blamed its customers for pirating rather than admitting they put out mediocre crap.

Id for greatest pc devs of all time in my book

Nihilism2764d ago

"when Kotick dies"


"you may say i'm a dreamed...but I'm not the only one"

You know your hated when people are looking forward to the day of your death with a new found hope.

VersusEM2764d ago

even though I don't play PC that much, I gonna go with Vavle

zagibu2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Valve is certainly a good current one. But studios like Origin, Microprose or Black Isle still have a better track record. Valve might surpass them, eventually, though, if they continue to release the same quality.

OpenGL2764d ago

Back in the day I would have said id software, but today the only developers that seem to be truly loyal to the PC are Valve and Blizzard.

Mista T2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Valve! Gabe Newell is our savior thanks to Steam!(bows) lol

GamerSciz2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

^I second this.

Valve was founded in 1996. Half-life was 1998.

Id Software has been around since 1991 and Wolfenstein was 1992.

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