Worldwide Weekly Charts - PS3 beats DS

The latest numbers from VGChartz for the week ending 23rd October, including the debut numbers for Fallout New Vegas

PS3 243,678 (+2%) 40,257,637
DS 234,263 (0%) 134,936,155
Wii 188,223 (+33%) 75,057,362
X360 185,041 (+6%) 44,159,294
PSP 82,429 (-6%) 60,642,220
PS2 25,408 (-1%) 137,030,546

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zoks3102849d ago

PS3 is beast since Move launched. EU is eating that thing like it's candy.

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jahcure2849d ago

MS needs to cut the price of the xbox quickly. They cannot let sony gain steam

eliasg2849d ago

MS EDD made more profit than the entire SONY company. XB0X360 = WIN for MS!!!

bviperz2849d ago

Why? If you enjoy gaming on either platform, wtf does outselling the other competitor do for you? I never understood the mentality that MS and journalism brought to this generation. Console wars (think about it) has nothing to do with gaming itself.

rroded2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

lol even vg chartz gotta report facts after they land...

wait til u see what moves really sold n how bad kinects going ta fail. Its gonna be so epic that the ms games division is gonna b gone by 2012.

edit ms is giving away 360's now seriously get cable buy a pc a phone a freakin toaster n someone will give you an xbox lol

fact is if ms had stuck to their core bought some decent devs made online play free n made a decent machine they b in the game still... now their a joke kinects a second rate eyetoy rip wit extra lag. They sold out all their fans for a stab at the casual crowd. No way will your average wii owning lesbian soccer mom rush out n spend 3 bills plus on this.

SWORDF1SH2849d ago

No need to act a fanboy about it. Kinect will do fine initially. Be interesting to see how it does in the long run. might pick it up if i see any decent hardcore games for it. Move is great for me so far. Great games that appeal to me so far. just hope sony keep up the flow of hardcore games.

Death24942849d ago

How VGChartz LTD number for Microsoft are nearly identical to Microsoft's shipped numbers. However, when you look at Sony's numbers, that doesn't seem to be the case. Sony's LTD, according to VG, is off by 1.2 million then what they announced shipped.

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ilikestuff2849d ago

every time i see the letters DS all i can think of is Dirty Sanchez. is that bad?

Bigpappy2849d ago

This was yesturday's numbers for EMEAA:
190°EMEAA Weekly Chart for Week Ending 23rd, Oct 2010
Console Weekly (change) Total
DS 101,304 (+11%) 54,463,569
Wii 82,865 (+40%) 28,862,045
X360 78,701 (+13%) 17,322,664
PS3 78,651 (+17%) 17,596,029
PSP 29,730 (+2%) 25,194,663
PS2 16,365 (+1%) 61,612,389

This is EMEAA they are using today:
EMEAA Hardware (regional breakdowns below)
Console Weekly (change) Total
PS3 141,777 (0%) 18,797,233
DS 101,304 (+11%) 54,463,569
Wii 86,310 (+41%) 29,111,107
X360 82,218 (+8%) 17,364,687
PSP 29,730 (+2%) 25,194,663
PS2 16,365 (+1%) 61,612,389

What happened over night.

There is more: PS3 total shows 0% incress, yet last week:

170°EMEAA Weekly Chart for Week Ending 16th Oct 2010
DS - 91,491 (-1%)
360 - 69,514 (+1%)
PS3 - 67,474 (-3%)
Wii - 59,002 (+3%)
PSP - 29,190 (-1%)
PS2 - 16,248 (-3%) (Nintendo DS, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

Some one help me out here. What am I missing?

Imtey2849d ago

Its all over the forums, turns out PS3 has been majorly undertracked over the past few weeks in EMEAA so VGChartz had to do some adjustments.

Thats CHARTZZZZZ for ya ;)

Chris3992849d ago

was in thinking that VGChartz was a reliable source of information - for ANY of the console manufacturers.

PS2 is nearing in on being under-tracked by 9 million on that site. Seriously when your business is estimations and you're off by 9 million units, you might want to pick a different profession.

Lately there has been a great deal of back-peddling on their "figures".

cmrbe2849d ago

LMAO!!!. It VGcrap Charts!.

Ju2849d ago

I miss the fat announcement:

"VGChartz screwed up the last 4 weeks and had to massively adjust PS3 numbers. We undertracked by about 100% since end of September. Sorry guys and gals."

Where's that headline ?

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morganfell2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

The issue being they forgot to adjust ALL of their figures regarding the PS3 and the complete lie they are is showing.

But why are we discussing vgchartz here? Enough already with vgchartz. This week's official numbers have shown that Helen Keller is more accurate at busting pinatas than vgchartz is with sales figures.

It's absurd that the tripe from vgchartz, which is little more than propaganda, is getting approved. And all so a certain fanbase can keep acting like ostriches.

Well too late nancy boys.

The truth is bearing down on you like a runaway train and no amount of bs articles from a crap website run by monkeys is going to rescue your tender mentality from the facts.

It's moronic that vgchartz own site admit sits there like a fat turd and says they undertrackedthe PS3, he says they didn't properly track alot of PS3 areas such as the Middle and Near East yet their newest figures repeat their same dumb, obviously biased habits.

Imtey2849d ago

I like VGChartz, its not accurate and should not be seen as reliable, but its still fun to discuss weekly numbers lol, although they've got some major readjusting to do i.e they have PS3 to have sold 280m software, whereas Sony claims 350m (lol).

Knushwood Butt2849d ago

@ morganfell

Well said. Couldn't agree more.

Their figures are, at best, based on a poor data sample and then mixed with a whole lot of bias. At worst, they aren't even based on a sample of data (take the 'Japan Preview' hardware figures for an example - they are just based on Jacob Mazel's pro-Nintendo and anti-Sony bias, and nothing more).

On the topic of pro-Nintendo bias, I'm not suggesting anyone gives their site a hit, but just to prove this Mazel's article that reports on Nintendo's recently announced loss is titled, 'Wii Shipments Top 75m, 600m for SW, DS tops 135m'. Lolz. Not a mention about their finances in the title. Damage control?

Death24942848d ago

this was the same site the was quoting Micheal Patcher's move sells prediction. They used his numbers to come up with the amount of "PS move" units sold.

Credible, i think not. For all of you people bragging about Kinect like it's the 2nd coming, you're going to be in for a rude awakening. I wonder if they're going to count all the Kinects Oprah gave away as units sold? Seeing as how they spent 500 million in marketing buying your own product and then handing them out.

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morganfell2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

Direct link to report this story. vgchartz have shown themselves to be an intentionally deceptive and inaccurate site. I say intentional because by their own admission they have had to correct their numbers (as I predicted numerous times) yet here they are undercutting again this week. All of the numbers were off but the PS3s by such a margin it was monumental and gross negligence.

When they repeat their previous pattern of errors they themselves acknowledge at that point it is intentional.

@N4WAH below. I would have less of a problem with their articles if that happened here. I would also like to see vgchartz report these numbers as estimates.

But the first time you say something about how inaccurate they are then they descend on you as if you were an oiled up 12 year old boy in a Turkish prison. It's happened to me before and it was laughable how offended their site manager became.

They should face it, Michael Pachter makes more accurate estimates and he couldn't hit the ground with his hat in three tries..

N4WAH2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

These articles should be listed as a rumor and not news. VGChartz are constantly tweaking and adjusting their numbers from week to week and they are almost always inaccurate. Funny how their PS3 totals are always lower than other tracking syndications.

Ju2849d ago

And funny, that usually 2 weeks after they release numbers, when the buzz is basically over, the PS3 is ahead again.

cmrbe2849d ago

I have said this before and i will say it again. Ban VG crap Charts.

Don't you guys find it odd that they just changed their numbers now that Sony have release theirs and VG crap being found out?.

Have fun debating these imaginary figures.

Samus HD2848d ago

It won't last long
nintendo is going to be in top again

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All_4_One2849d ago


I was hearing a lot of, well, idiotic statements about Move not having an impact. Ahem, the PS3 just out-gunned the DS, good luck spinning that one.

JoeReno2849d ago

Wow, numbers are not my thing, but that is great for Sony.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2849d ago

ps3 outselling the the move must be moving consoles

Prcko2849d ago

Guys just w8 for gran turismo 5
i know at least 20 people from my neiborhood who gonna buy ps3 when gt comes out!

Idree2849d ago

Hell GT5 is one of the reasons i bought one ;p

Ju2849d ago

Man, I just saw that GT5 commercial yesterday on the big screen in the movie theater here. I couldn't tell if that was a game or real. Well, I have seen those sequences before, but never on a huge screen like that. Pretty awesome, that. Can't wait.

jneul2849d ago


jneul2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

wow 5 disagrees for one true statement, lots of people are scratching their heads over this, ps3 sold really well and has done since the beginning of September guys, stop disagreeing and being butthurt!!

MAJ0R2849d ago

wow PS3 is looking pretty damn good, people really underestimated Move