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With the Halloween nearly in full swing, what better way for Rockstar to celebrate it by treating their fans with some spooky DLC. Undead Nightmare is here and it is looking to put a spin on one of Rockstar’s most popular titles, Red Dead Redemption. Can the undead treat its wild-western fans to a bone-chilling tale, or does this zombie infestation pack trick them by eating their cash (and brains) for a quick snack?

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George Sears2819d ago

I did absolutely nothing but play this DLC these past few days. Loved every minute of it.

Trexman892819d ago

i loved red dead, but im so sick of zombies.

doctorstrange2819d ago

I loved red dead, and I love Zombies

T3mpr1x2819d ago

Amen. They're everywhere and just not funny anymore.

TheLastGuardian2819d ago

Same here. I started playing at midnight and didn't stop playing it until 7 in the morning. Undead Overrun is fun too. I'm glad they threw that in without charging extra.

GLoRyKnoT2819d ago

This deserves a 10! - No way a 9 - PSLame!

80082819d ago

Bought it literally 19% ago. Downloading. Cannot wait. The GiantBomb quick-look convinced me to buy it.


TheLastGuardian2819d ago

RDR is my favorite game of this generation. It gave me so much to do in Single player,co-op, and competitive multiplayer.

Taggart4512819d ago

It's good to see that they made it a legitimate part of the game rather than just copping out.

danielle0072819d ago

I can't decide what to do.. I could buy RDR just for Zombies.. But i dunnoooo if I want to play the actual game, I didn't like GTA IV that much since it was all gritty and realistic.. and RDR looks just as gritty and realistic + cowboys. So.. I dunno.

... I probably will end up getting it.

asyouburn2819d ago

much better than gta. i didnt like gta4, but LOVE red dead. definately give it a try

danielle0072819d ago

and the old west.. and whatnot. Is the game at least funny? and can I still kill hookers?