Time’s up: Nintendo Needs to Release a Wii 2

The Wii’s sales are down by 45% on a year-by-year basis. This week last year, the Wii doubled the sales of the Xbox 360. Doubled. This year? The Wii is trailing the 360 by over thirty thousand units. The Wii is in fourth place, behind the DS, the Xbox 360, and even the Playstation 3 (which is kind of like trailing a runner that keeps punching himself in the balls).

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NYC_Gamer2823d ago

why?the wii continues to sell

eagle212823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Continues to outsell according to even Sony's numbers. Nintendo nor Sony needs to worry about Microsoft. I don't know where this fool is getting his numbers. :)

Iramo2823d ago

the wii is teh weakest console this gen,what games does it have to look forward to another xelda another sonic and another mario
not only that but nintendo's online service for wii is laggy and crap

No Way2822d ago

There's actually a lot to look forward to on the Wii this year.

Iramo2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

not really since this year was terrible for wii its biggest game was Metroid other m which flopped hard,whoops sorry forgot about the amrio galaxy but Mario games have been out since the 80s so really there isn't much \also the the Nintendo wii online is terrible

ChickeyCantor2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

" xelda"

I call obviousl troll deluxe

Metroid other m flopped?
Metroid series never sold that amazing to begin with.
And that game was more than GOOD.
( you havnt even played it have you?).

I love how you say Metroid other m is the biggest title, yet there have been plenty of other good games.

Sure their online is "bad", no one is arguing that with you, why even bring it up. But to say they have nothing?
In your opinion of course but you just sound like someone who is forcing his opinion onto others.

And what does "the wii is teh weakest console this gen" even mean?
How is this conclusion relevant to anything towards this subject?

People buy the Wii because its the weakest?
...I guess thats why some countries still fight with sticks since a bazooka is not weaker.

Kindly STFU.

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JLeVRT2822d ago

hasnt been up to par with the other consoles lately. They have completely abandoned hardcore gamers....

turok2822d ago

Goldeneye, DKC returns, Kirby EY, Conduit 2, and more say hi.

haters gonna hate. Nintendo hasnt changed, u have. get over it. there ARE other alternatives (like sony)

firefoxprime2822d ago

If the game doesn't have a gun, its not hardcore. LOLOLOL


"hardcore gamers" hehe

Dsnyder2822d ago

Iramo speaks the truth. Wii 2 doesnt need to be released GAMECUBE 2 needs to be released. The wii and its embarassing family games are a disgrace to this generation.

turok2822d ago

looks like GROL corrupted yet another user on n4g

eagle212822d ago

The Wii has higher rated exclusives than either 360 or PS3 this year. Metacritic:

Sin and Punishment 2 is 87
Kirby 90
Super Mario Galaxy 2 97
Monster Hunter Tri 84
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom 85

Donkey Kong Country Returns will score higher than fable III or even :)

SephireX2822d ago

The Wii sucks. It has few good games and absolutely pales in comparison to the 360 and PS3. With the prices of the 360 and PS3 being as low as they are, it isn't surprising that the Wii is doing badly. Nintendo need to release the Wii 2 and this time, make it so that it has a lifespan of over one year.

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frankymv2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Wii 2 coming very, very soon.

avengers19782822d ago

Agreed I believe it will be announced next year at E3 for an early 2012 release.
Gotta release it early 2012 though because as we all know the world ends at the end of 2012.

firefoxprime2822d ago

your tryin to be funny...but please.
just stop.

Now., its not cute. Just stop.

Shoko2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

I expect the next Nintendo console to come out Fall of next year or sometime in 2012. Nintendo usually releases a new console every 5 years. Next year, it'll be 5 years from when the Wii launched.

The Wii's a great console, but there's not much more they can do with it now.

Jay5202822d ago

Now the Wii is doomed, huh?

Nathaniel_Drake2822d ago

Well the way I see it, there is usually a back to back unit sell wise for the leader of a generation. So I see the Wii 2 being the top again. I'm just curious to know what kind of gameplay they are going to implement for the Wii 2

AnonUser55552822d ago

What kind of stupid logic is that? By those standards the same company should win every generation.

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