10 Badass PlayStation 2 Games that Still Rock

GB writes: "Whoa! Time files, doesn’t it? It only feels just like yesterday, I was in my high school, bought my PlayStation 2 and started playing launch games like Armored Core 2, Madden NFL 2001 and Ridge Racer V. Trust me, all these games just blew me away back then. So here we our ten years later, listing 10 of the best and epic games that made PlayStation 2 a household name."

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cyborg2823d ago

Nothing beats that for me

halocursed2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

agreed with the list, but MGS2, 10th...seriously?

Shubhankar2823d ago

Nothing- NOTHING- beats GOW and GOW2.
Btw, awesome list.

gameseveryday2823d ago

1. Metal Gear solid 2
2. Metal Gear solid 3

I think those mGS games are better than anything out there.

GamingForever2823d ago

Just because the system is out of date, doesn't mean the games aren't! They still rock!

-Mezzo-2823d ago

Great list, my top 5 are:

God Of War
Snake Eater
God of War 2
Hitman Titles
San Andreas.

Plus lots & lots of more.

gameseveryday2822d ago

I really want Hitman 5...was there a rumor about it some days ago?

williamkenny2822d ago

Resident Evil 4 is still the best PS2 game to date imo.
San Andreas was awesome too though.

gameseveryday2822d ago

Disagree with you on that, I think the GameCube version was the ultimate one.

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