For Those Who Are Still Asking What Minecraft Is

I discovered Minecraft through a youtuber by the name of Seananners, from there I watched davidr64yt’s Minecraft series – that’s when I fell in love with Minecraft!

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fianno2821d ago

I'll be able to link people here when they ask me "What I'm on about" when I'm talking about the awesomeness that is Minecraft :D

CombineElite2821d ago

Minecraft is certified crack cause once you start you can't stop. Near Dos graphics but it's just so dam fun which is what games are supposed to be.

Just imagine if Minecraft had 24 hour advertising like Black Ops versus the ZERO dollar ad budget it has.

Great game, word of mouth advertising, instant PC classic!!

"move piggy before i hit you with this torch"

martinm1012821d ago

The series thats linked in that post is so addicting! Once you start watching it you really have to go to the end!

therealwillie2821d ago

davidr64yt rocks... seananners "hellllllooooo theeeeree, welc" please shut up

moogle842821d ago

Probably the most over-talked about game in the last couple months... and Call of Duty is just around the corner. Amazing isn't it?

martinm1012821d ago

As true as that may be, when I mention Minecraft to some people, they don't have a clue! And yeah Black ops is out on the 9th :)

fianno2821d ago

I don't think its over talked about, not compared to other games in this day and age. The more successful Minecraft gets the better, it'll show game dev's we value fun over graphics and other gimmicks

RedDead2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I still don't know what it is really and i've been to the makers website, it's a type of world building Rts...right?

Edit--- Just read the article... I c now

Alien_Bob2821d ago

Best money I've ever spent on an unfinished game

martinm1012821d ago

Well said man, when you put it like that it really is an achievement! :)

fianno2821d ago

its the most stable alpha I've ever played too

im-12-years-old2821d ago

agreed i haven't run into 1 problem in the past 2 weeks

Alien_Bob2820d ago

More stable than many finished games, even, but to be fair it is comparatively simple.

SmilerAl2821d ago

Great read, I love Minecraft but I'm too cheap to pay for it ^_^

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The story is too old to be commented.