Edge: Fable III Review

For all its polish and solid production, its core combat offering is a regression and its showy centrepiece comes apart almost entirely. What lies around and beneath is joyous - but you can’t help but feel that it’s the basis for something greater than Fable III.

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Game-ur2643d ago

So it's actually 5 or 6, strange many reviewers complain about the game but still give it a high score.

Can you say "editorial mandate"

-Alpha2643d ago

Just because there are complaints doesn't mean it can't score 7+

inveni02642d ago

I've always been attracted to Fable games, so I don't know what to think about this. I have to wait for the PC version, though.

I remember when IGN gave Assassin's Creed a 7 and I was like, "WHAT!?!?" I played it and thought it was fun. But I only played it once, and I have never played a sequel. In retrospect, it probably deserved a 7. This game may be the same way.

MiloGarret2643d ago

Nope, seven, it says so right there.

seinfan2643d ago

I thought Edge had a reputation for being tough with the scores. So it's actually an 8 or 9 with most gamers. You fail!

number472643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

edge just had their low score reputation with PS3 AAA titles. They only ever gave the big ones aaa's because they'd look completely silly.. when everyone else in the world is scoring the games 9+.

remember? When people used to make fun of psfanboys about edges bias claiming "hahah consipracy theories right naism?!?!" I mean theres a mathmatical chart to prove their bias against PS3 games.


Killed4Less2643d ago

"I mean theres a mathmatical chart to prove their bias against PS3 games. "

BWUAHAHA that sounds so much like the PS3 fanboys.

I'm still making fun of psfanboys like you. The crying never stops and not it is just humorous. If you are not crying you are over-hyping and pretending to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

2643d ago
PS360fanboy2643d ago

I hate this kind of people... ""so it's actually a 5 or 6"...facepalm

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CrzyFooL2643d ago

7 from EDGE is like a 9!!

UNCyrus2643d ago

that's only if it's a PS3 game

Obama2643d ago

Edge only underates ps3 games. There's a chart somewhere online that proves just that.

number472643d ago

Thank you.

Fable is a mediocre game, was rushed. But thats the norm for Peter's products... core fans will wade through all the shortcomings, but the rest of the world doesn't have to pretend otherwise.

Killed4Less2643d ago

again.. can't stop laughing..

"There's a chart somewhere online that proves just that."

man, it has been embarrassing for you guys this gen.

yewles12643d ago

^ Guy above me needs a CAT scan.

visualb2643d ago

don't bother. probably an alt account made 4 days ago trolls all over the place.

*ignore and debubble*

SiteNblog Defender2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

They didn't think those PS3 games are the second coming of Christ like you guys did. Seriously, you PS3 guys are delusional.

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Coogi2643d ago

LOL @ "only underrates ps3 games" how fracking sad!

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