Films to Games

Games 4 Guys writes: Hollywood has a way of taking the most minute idea and running with it. That’s how we have so many video games being made into films, sequels, remakes, reboots, reimaginings, Twitter accounts being harvested for sitcoms, movies based on novels, and movies based on comic books. A nasty tendency is to capitalize on a movie property by making a game out of it. It goes without saying that video games take years to program. Movies take a year or two. Movies based on video games are almost always an afterthought and turn out to be real stinkers.

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bgrundman2852d ago

Goldeneye was really good though...

Derekvinyard132851d ago

yes it was good, hes talking about the new one that coming out for wii. i agree when he says its kinda retarted because there just replacing the old bond with the new one, might be cool tho.

starven2852d ago

Wait, there is a Rudolph game...I'm scared.