Mana Pool: Baldur's Gate Review - Modern Look at an old RPG Masterpiece

Mana Pool: "Baldur’s Gate is a difficult game to review today. Over 10 years old, Baldur’s Gate has significantly influenced all RPGs made since its release in 1998, and may well be responsible for a resurgence in RPG popularity after the Ultima saga slowed down. In addition, its relatively dated technology means that it is difficult to compare to some of the more modern games."

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Game-ur2767d ago

My firs taste of western story driven and deep gameplay RPG awesomeness.

EvilTactician2767d ago

It's one of the best RPGs I've ever played as well.

If you check the "Upcoming" tab on Mana Pool, you'll notice another absolute classic on the list. Possibly even better than Baldur's Gate - though it depends a bit on your mood.

SgtRock2766d ago

Baldur's Gate was an exceptional game.