No Correlation Between Kinect Game Reviews and Sales, Says Microsoft

With Kinect launching next week, Microsoft is everywhere talking about it (it even recently showed up on Oprah, among other daytime TV shows). Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business boss Aaron Greenberg recently discussed, among other things, the subject of Kinect's launch games and how they will sell well even if they don't receive high scores from reviewers.

Asked about the importance of review scores for Kinect's slate of launch games, Greenberg told Eurogamer, "I don't know. For us, these are different types of titles and experiences than maybe some of the games traditionally that are targeted to the core market. So the correlation between a review score for Halo: Reach and sales is very high, but Kinect Sports is more about just having fun.

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catguykyou2848d ago

Translation: The people who would be reviewing these games are not the people we are gearing this tech and/or games to. The people who would read and care about the reviews being written are probably not the people this tech/games are geared toward.

I sort of understand this. Soccer moms aren't going to care what Kotaku/Gamespot/IGN thinks of the neat Oprah recommended toy they bought. They aren't that invested. These are the people that MS is gearing Kinect to......which is why I hope it fails horribly.

ryuzu2848d ago

Literal translation : Quality doesn't matter, we're just going to batter people into submission with our marketing budget.

Well, at least MS isn't deluding themselves about who the audience for this is - it's just some people here who are deluded.


Game-ur2848d ago

They desperately need the 500m ad budget, to cover-up the bad reviews and lack of word of mouth recommendations.

The Kinect may set a record for biggest sales decline after the initial effects of the ads and holiday shopping spree fade out.

-Alpha2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

It's a huge concern because essentially they are chasing after a non-gaming crowd without care to how we see the product. Thus, it wont necessarily be a product for us gamers, despite the fact that we keep comparing it to Move and MS keeps stringing us along with promises of hardcore games. Right now the priority is the non-gaming crowd.

And Game-ur, Reviews wont matter for Kinect's audience.

Especially since Kinect is something that will be reviewed by Soccer Mom Magazine Monthly or Oprah's Buyer Guide (those don't exist, but you get the drift)

Those reviews will be more positive, there are actually people who find Kinectimals to be a big, new, and enjoyable product. They will review Kinect from their perspective, the perspective of the non-gamer. It's THOSE reviews MS will gloat about because it's those reviews that will matter to the main audience. Why would MS care about Gamespot's review if the product isn't aimed at regular Gamespot users?

But reviews really aren't something this new audience cares about in general. They are sold on the wow factor, the advertising, and the fact that this is going to be a heavily talked about product.

Gamers seem to think that "the most hardcore product will sell the best" but it's not true, and these people are going to be in for a shock if they see Kinect sell so much.

The giant advertising campaign and the exposure is sure to sell 360s this Christmas and no matter how much we may hate it MS simply doesn't care because they are no longer selling the product from our perspective.

2848d ago
Game-ur2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Half a billion $ and surprised holiday shoppers will defiantly drive big initial Kinect sales, but the key is always sustainability, and that needs real quality, word of mouth and the "it" factor. These are the things selling Iphones and Wiis, ads only start the ball rolling.

Halo has one of the biggest marketing campaigns in gaming, but if it wouldn't have become one of the biggest franchises if it wasn’t a great game in the first place.

sikbeta2848d ago

Basically they're trying to sell shovelware and a faulty add-on with a $500 million ad campaign in a way people don't realize how crappy are the stuff they are getting ....

blind-reaper2848d ago

Im totally in for marketing, my major is in marketing, but basing the success of your product solely in market F**KING SUCKS!!

N4WAH2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Isn't that what ALL gaming is suppose to be about, just having fun / being entertained?
Just more fluff, spin and damage control from MS's #1 PR guy, Greenburg.

bviperz2848d ago

"Gamers seem to think that "the most hardcore product will sell the best" but it's not true, and these people are going to be in for a shock if they see Kinect sell so much."

Going to disagree with you there. It's not the most hardcore product that sells the best, it's the product with the most quality that sells the best. And before you jump on, think about it. We both said 'best' not 'most'.

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gigaware2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

So that is the way you see it? Some might see it a different way. Maybe he went after the haters and anti Microsoft journalist telling them you can purposly try and kill Kinect's reputation but it wont matter because the consumers will vote with their pockets.

Reading your comment and what is said I'm guessing you hope Kinect fails for much different reasons.

catguykyou2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

You can read my comment history and gather a little more info before you judge that.

I primarily hate motion controls and see them as gimmicky. No console bias on my part.

PS3: cgkyou
X360: DRUG5
Wii: too many stupid friend codes to list

I also own:
Sega Master System, Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, game gear
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My general rule has been, if it has good games on it, it's worth a purchase, if not now, then down the road.

gigaware2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Owning other consoles doesn't mean much I can only go off of what you say in your posts I also own the xbox, PS3 and Wii and I favor the 360 by a big margin. Microsoft knows Kinect has high demand and reviewers not use to motion being on the 360 and haters hating will have no effect. That is all that was said. Move sells and the game scores for it where low because reviewers throw their thumbs down at motion on so called hardcore consoles.

Don't be naive their will be an army of media trying to stop Kinect in its tracks.

I called you out because the notion consumers are being suckered or are too stupid to know any better when they buy Microsoft products is a PS3 fanboy mindset. If you don't buy PS3 you are an idiot so childish. People will buy Kinect because they like the tech and the new way to play with new games they will or did enjoy.

catguykyou2848d ago

Now, I'm just confused. Are you calling me a Sony or MS fanboy? I've simply stated that if we don't want motion controls to be seen as the standard for the next gen consoles (maybe even the only option), then they need to not sell well. If they sell really well, both Sony and MS would have to consider making them standard or even worse, mandatory.

From my comment history, the only thing I ever bash is motion controls so you can say what you want but you haven't shown me any reasons that justify your opinion of me.

Maybe a few quotes that you see that justify your reasoning? (--btw, this is not meant to be stand-off-ish. I simply don't want to come off as being how you say I am and if you are able to point out what you see, maybe I can either explain it or learn from it ---)

gigaware2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

"I don't know how reviewers will grade those games because they're so unique and so different to what the reviewers have played with controllers. We'd love to see great reviews but I don't think you'll see the same type of correlation between reviews and actual sales of the game, would be my guess."

What he is saying in a respectful way is Kinect will have bias reviews and it won't matter because people will like the offerings and tech. That's all that was said your translation is well designed flame to turn the tone of this article into a flame pit.

He didn't say, suggest, hint at a darn thing about Microsoft only caring about the causals or ignoring the so called core base and how they make their descisions.

Microsoft did not say they know the mass casual consumer pool will ignore mainstream media and who needs them anyways Muahahaha. Microsoft said their will be biased reviews put as delicately as your comment with a hidden message.

catguykyou2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Microsoft is focusing Kinect marketing toward a casual market. This is no secret. I seriously doubt MS or any company would ever say FU to their core audience nor did I suggest they were.

I simply stated that what I believe his statement meant is that reviews wont matter because the people the reviews are being written for, aren't the people they are trying to sell those games to. Do you think that Kinectimals is made for hardcore gamers that read any of the sites that I listed? What about Kinect sports, adventures, Dance Central, Joy Ride, Your Shape, EA Active 2, Motion Sports, Zumba, Dance Masters, Biggest Loser, Brunswick Bowling, You don't know jack, Getting fit with Mel B., Deca Sport Freedom, Fantastic Pets, Michael Phelps, Game Party, Adrenaline Misfits, MJ the Experience, or Sonic Free Riders?

For example, if I wrote a children book and found that it had been reviewed by a site that specializes in adult mystery novels, do you think I or any of the people that would consider buying my book in the first place would care? The book wasn't made for them in mind. The games that are initially coming out for Kinect are not made for the hardcore gaming crowd. They are trying to bring more gamers into the market by appealing to casual/non-gamers like Nintendo successfully did with the Wii. MS has stated this. They have also stated they will not ignore the core gamers either and I'm not claiming they are so what is the problem? Where is the subtle flame bait in that?

The only people that would have an issue with what I'm saying are the people who are looking for a reason to get defensive. I haven't said a single BAD thing about MS. I only stated what I think they mean with that statement which in itself isn't bad either. They are gearing this toward a market group that makes sense to gear it to. With competitors showing success with similar tactics, MS hopes to repeat this success by taking a spin on motion controls and putting out something different. By coming out and saying that they don't care about any reviews (good or bad) from the normal go to game sites/ reviewers is completely logical because they aren't apart of this market group they are trying to sell to. Nor will that market group even read those reviews.

Would it be better if I said that I hope Move fails horribly too? I do. I say this in several of my other posts for the exact same reason. I don't want to see motion control become a standard thing. It is gimmicky. That is the only opinion I throw into any of this and it is not console or Company specific.

radphil2848d ago

"Microsoft did not say they know the mass casual consumer pool will ignore mainstream media and who needs them anyways Muahahaha. Microsoft said their will be biased reviews put as delicately as your comment with a hidden message."

I'm sorry...but why in the world do you have muwahahaha put right there?...

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Keith Olbermann2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

why not let gaming sites post reviews?? I think they matter more than they are leading on. Moms wont spend the money on this. They already have the Wii. This is spin.

NYC_Gamer2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

people who support this hardware wont care about reviews

at least explain why u disagree

visualb2848d ago

do you really think they can do that? really?

one thing is pressing a button...another thing is expressing the logic behind doing so (or lack thereof)


Killed4Less2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

I disagree because I support this hardware and I care about reviews.

What more is there to explain? Just because I am interested and want the tech doesn't mean I'm not looking for quality experiences with it. Right now, there isn't much of anything in the launch titles that does it for me and the reviews might help me to pick one of them to give it a try with beyond the bundled Kinect Sports.

But these gamer mags cater to the core gamer and casuals just simply don't take it that seriously and don't live and breath this stuff. They will buy a game simply because it looks fun or because their friends have it. Not because IGN scored it 9/10.

Troll_Police2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Damage control. Sounds like they know Kinect games will get bad reviews.


The poor reviews will scare off the few core Xbox owners who were thinking of getting Kinect and soccer moms and grandparents will not shell out $300 for this thing.

Godmars2902848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

And yet they expect it to sells regardless. That they actually don't care if its a poorly reviewed product, just that it sells.

I'm just wondering how many people who don't own a 360 are going to buy Kinect thinking they don't need an Xbox. You know its going to happen.

catguykyou2848d ago

It will. It was an issue with the Balance board and the Wii. People would go into Gamestop and buy the board thinking it was a stand alone thing. They would have to explain to them that it only works with the Wii.

gamingdroid2848d ago

"And yet they expect it to sells regardless. That they actually don't care if its a poorly reviewed product, just that it sells."

No, MS don't care about poor reviews from a the wrong target demographic!

Trying to sell a truck to a sports car enthusiast wouldn't work to well, would it?

lzim2848d ago

I'd expect it to sell for the UI extension functionality (remote gesture and voice control and the teleconferencing thing).

It isn't the cheapest teleconferencing platform but it does work and you'd get a gaming and entertainment machine too.

KratosGirI2848d ago

From what I've seen, kids are probably gonna go crazy for it.

lzim2848d ago

= commercials and an immunity to common sense

80082848d ago

So basically Microsoft are saying "inb4badreviews!".

Touché Microsoft. Touché.

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