Lens of Truth - Enslaved: Odyssey to the West: Review

Lens of Truth writes "In this inFocus we take a look at Namco’s Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. If you haven’t heard of it don’t be alarmed, it was ridiculously released on the same day as Castlevania: LoS, and only sold around 80,00 copies. So why do an inFocus? Well over the years we have learned that even though a game doesn’t sell well, it could be one of those hidden gems for a system. So check out this inFocus to see if Enslaved is really a hidden gem or just colored glass."

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Iceballs2846d ago

I liked it but kinda felt like uncharted wannabe rip off.

Tempjf2845d ago

Little short but still would have given it a 8.

Joe Bomb2845d ago

Enslaved was fun but way too short of a game for the $$$.

Soul Train2845d ago

I had high hopes for Enslaved & I finished the game in 3 sittings!

Iceballs2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

was really short and easy

jeseth2845d ago

-The opening sequence screamed of Uncharted 2.
-Is Trip, Narikos long lost sister from Heavenly Sword?
=The platforming was so stupid proof it felt like Prince of Persia from earlier this gen where the princess would save you every time you fell.

But, all in all I really liked the story, settings, action sequences, and execution. The game was pretty good. Not as good as Heavenly Sword was but still pretty good for a single player only game!

Tempjf2845d ago

8 hours to beat, which about the norm now.

donkeydoo2845d ago

trashed, overgrown, New York was cool, but an Uncharted killer people were saying? it is not.

RudeSole Devil2845d ago

Maybe not an Uncharted killer but close. The Game looks amazing.

donkeydoo2845d ago

Uncharted ans this game should not be in the same sentence.