Mass Effect 2 wins 'Ultimate Game of the Year'

Mass Effect 2 was crowned best RPG and Ultimate Game of the Year. The previously Microsoft exclusive grew on a stellar franchise with the follow up title. It grew on the traits that won the franchise so many fans with the original and added a little more, ultimately delivering one of the most memorable games. Playstation 3 gamers also recently welcomed the pedigree franchise.

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KratosGirI2819d ago

And shall be on the Ultimate Console of the Generation!

Fred-G-Sanford2819d ago

Doesn't the PS3 already have enough inferior multiplats?

Getting a gimped 2nd game in a trilogy isn't really something to crow about.

Max Power2819d ago

Not really, I was curious on what the gimped features were.

Fred-G-Sanford2819d ago

Well, for starters, not being able to carry over your saved game from the first Mass Effect is a pretty big deal (never mind the fact that if you have never played the first game, you will be missing out on 1/3 of the experience).

Also, based on the horrible history the PS3 has with multiplatform games, there is a very good chance that it will underperform when compared to the 360 version.

zootang2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )


This is how you troll:

Go pay for your online fees and keep watching and swapping them DVD's.

SyphonFilter2819d ago

aww for M$ kid is mad mass effect is on ps3,dragon age is superior on ps3 and that was bioware's first ps3 game. you act like burnout,oblivion,ff 13,dragon age,batman,et arent better on ps3.

Imperator2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Dude, the only real effect of the having the previous game save is the council's fate and your character. Since the PS3 version is gonna have a recap in which you'll probably choose what happens to it. Problem solved.

And Dragon Age Origin's PS3 port was superior to the 360 version, so, again, I don't see your point, You're just still angry that the best and pretty much only reason left to own a 360 is coming to the PS3 in it's most complete form.

Have fun swapping disks and paying for XBL, we'll be enjoying the entire game, all the dlc, and bonus content all on one disk.

Fred-G-Sanford2819d ago

"You're just still angry that the best and pretty much only reason left to own a 360 is coming to the PS3 in it's most complete form."

Hmmm, that's funny, if Mass Effect was the only reason that people had to purchase a 360, explain why the 360 continues to outsell the PS3 month after month? lol

Persistantthug2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

There is a good/decent chance that the PS3 version of MASS EFFECT 2 could run poorer than the XBOX 360's version.

But I think you are missing the bigger picture.

The bigger picture isn't about MASS EFFECT 2...

The bigger picture is really about MASS EFFECT 3.

Mabey if Microsoft wasn't so busy closing studios and buying (renting) PRETEND exclusives, maybe XBOX 360 would have more exclusives to call its own.

Just sayin.

Long live MASS EFFECT 3. :)

gamerzBEreal172819d ago

lol at everyone saying "u never played the first one" but we are playing the good one lmao and if u never played metal gear solid 1 2 and 3 im sure u xbots would freak out if u got metal gear solid 4 with extra content u people should just stop talking we got it yea we didn't get the first one that was released in 2006-2007 with many many problems and a slow story so what? u can have it...we want the good one that got a 96 on metacritic and btw by taking saves from another game i dont see that as "gimping" the sequel

Achemki2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Still playing the numbers game after this?
8.1 million > 5.8, lol. But chin up. You have 'bout a year left to ride that bandwagon before you inevitability jump on the "sales don't matter" one.

ME2 sold less on the 360 than ME1 did too, btw. You lost a few trilogy zealots along the way.

Killed4Less2819d ago

Achemki: Yes, every report we got shows the 360 beat the PS3 every single month of the quarter and all but 1 for the Wii and we are talking WW and now Sony closed the gap even more?

Riiiight.. Sony is again fudging the numbers like they tried to do with the Move and got called out for it. The last thing anyone needs to be doing is trusting the sell-thru to consumer numbers from them.

Also, ME1 did NOT sell more on 360 than ME2. Combined sales with PC for ME1 and maybe that holds water.

I don't know about a gimped PS3 experience but I wouldn't want to play the game any other way then what I have for the last 3 years. I trust in Bioware to do a decent job of catching up the late comers but summing up a game that I spent 150+ hours on with some prologue just ain't cutting it and sounds gimpy to me.

CernaML2819d ago

"Sony is again fudging the numbers like they tried to do with the Move and got called out for it."

....You can't possibly believe that. The gullibility of you people...

Achemki2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

In other words when MS release numbers they're sworn in on the bible, straight from Rome. But when Sony releases numbers it's just more Bush era Axis of Evil propoganda? I see how it works. :p

Do people honestly believe the gap between PS3 and 360 is still the 9 million it was in 2006, despite publishers' software financial reports pointing to the contrary?

Anyways. Far as Mass Effect being incomplete, well all I can say is join the club. XBox is missing several Resident Evils, Metal Gears, Devil May Crys, a couple Silent Hills, a couple GTAs, several Final Fantasies along with the odd Star Ocean and what have you. It continues with Dead Space Extraction in January.

So what about Mass Effect suddenly makes no other game's continuity matter? Consider that maybe the universe as a whole just doesn't give as much of a toss about Mass Effect's holy unbroken trilogy as some of you 150 hour elitists think. I don't have 150 hours to commit to a game, lol. And even if I did I wouldn't, so what works for you doesn't work for everyone.

I bought a Gamecube just for RE1 remake and RE0. If Mass Effect means that much to someone they'll do the same. Otherwise it's a moot point as franchise continuities have been incomplete experiences ever since Metroid 2 went to GameBoy and Castlevania and Sonic went to pretty much everything under the sun, including my phone.

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EvilBlackCat2819d ago

- "And shall be on the Ultimate Console of the Generation!"

- "Doesn't the PS3 already have enough inferior multiplats? Getting a gimped 2nd game in a trilogy isn't really something to crow about."

and then they get mad when they get called corporate/brand slave mascots?

POSERS i have a damn ps3 console

yeah the called SUPER MEGA POWERFULL CONSOLE this gen by brand mascots

You all say that Uncharted cant be done on xbox?

stop bitching you know it can but as soon somebody give us a great graphic quality game on xbox 360 on multiple dvds you all point that out.

cut the bs we all know that blu ray have more space that help devellopers to add more content but damn DO xbox 360 only owners care about uncharted? NO

they have not spend a damn dime of their money on a PS3 yet and uncharted have been release about 8-10 months now.




WHERE IN THAT FUCK IS Uncharted there?

Im proud of having Mass Effect in my collection


NO I trade the damn thing as soon i finished that bullshit.

Great graphics? YEAH! but the game fall in a lot of things for me

STOP the hyping

PS3 is a great console with great games just like xbox 360

at the end of this generation of consoles they get the money and you just get a console and games that cant be sold more than $10 on the streets.


Persistantthug2819d ago

means less than nothing....

No personal offense intended...but it's the truth.

UNCHARTED 2 = GOTY for 2009.

Sorry you couldn't enjoy it.

HolyOrangeCows2819d ago


Caps, rage misspellings, paragraphs of sentences (double-spaced to show the desperate desire for attention)....all signs of a raging fanboy.

r0gueZA2819d ago

Ye, it is outstanding so not really surprised.

Hades13372819d ago

Great game and well deserved.

Also, I'm surprised that Assassins Creed 2 beat Uncharted 2 to best action adventure; kudos to Ubisoft nevertheless.

r0gueZA2819d ago

absolute shocker, I would easily have picked Uncharted!

TheLeprachaun2819d ago

I dunno, AC2 was amazing in its own right. I'm not sure I'd place it above Uncharted 2 but they're at least pretty equal to me.

gillri2819d ago

agreed GOTY!

im playing through ME1 as a woman for the 1st time but on my 5th playthrough, cant wait to import this to ME2 and start that later on tonight

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