PlayStation Move Fails to Make a Big Impact in Japan

Sony's PlayStation Move hit Japan on October 21st, but it doesn't look like it is doing very well.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro2853d ago

"It is important to note though that this is only counting half a week of sales, and that there were some big releases in the same week, namely the Super Mario Collection, Naruto and Vanquish among many others"

This will sell in Japan, no doubt, it just needs actual AAA games.

Next year is the year of the PS Move with all the Move enabled AAA games coming out.

catguykyou2853d ago

I hope for everyone's sake it doesn't. Do you really want motion controls to be considered for the only option with the PS4?

That is part of what this is. To test the market. If it is a blow out success, you better believe the PS4 would only use this style of control.

Simon_Brezhnev2853d ago

I highly doubt even if move is successful i doubt it be the only option in PS4. Sony never abandons their core audience and been using the same controller for like 15 years.

R2D22853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

We all know the only reason MS and Sony are doing this motion [email protected] is because Nintendo is/was making a sh!t load of money from it.

Lets hope that both Move and Kinect do ok but not sale like crazy to the point where Sony and MS say why the fu$k have we been catering to the hardcore when we can make a game with simple graphics and less budget and sale allot more.

@xg-8 - yes we have a choice but if Move and Kinect takes off who do you think is goign to get the most attention from MS/Sony? Dont give me that fan loyalty [email protected] because a companies main objective is to make money.

Edit @ below - I agree but lets just say that Move takes off like the Wii and Sony now has a casual fan base followoing along with it hardcore fans. Do you honestly think Sony will just drop those casuals when the PS4 comes out, lets face it the casuals will buy more games and add on than the hardcore so why would Sony ignore that. I am not saying that we wont have our dual shock controller but to expect something totally different than the PS3 if these motion thing takes off again.

KratosGirI2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

No console manufacturer will ever make motion controls as their only option.

While this may be partially true for the Wii, keep in mind that there are games that require you to hold the Wii remote sideways (as a controller) and let's not forget the Classic Controller/Classic Controller Pro/GameCube controller.

catguykyou2853d ago

What about the Wii? Only a few games allow use of a standard controller. It is primarily a motion control system. I mean that was the WHOLE point of the console. It made a crap ton of money and lets be honest. When a company sees that a product is selling like hot cakes, they assume 9rightfully so) that it is because that's what the customers want. They will make what they think the customers want and that is why we even have Kinect and Move. If they sold awesomely, MS and Sony would assume that it is because that is what everyone wants and cut out the lackluster options.

Game-ur2853d ago

Hardware generally sells slowly in Japan, the Move even launched slowly in the west but kept study week after week until it reached 2.5m . It won't be bad if it retains the same level of sales in Japan the following weeks.

yess2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

kevin Butler told me button's are cool, i trust him enough to say that Motion control will allways be an adon, and DS3 # 1

Dlacy13g2853d ago

Unfortunately I think the PS4 is going to come standard with Move. It just makes sense. They have proven the tech works well enough that if they had shipped all consoles with it on day one nobody really would be saying much.

Really Move right now just faces a bit of a battle with the Wii installed base. There really hasn't been that compelling reason to jump ship from the Wii to the PS3 for Move. And given Move is coming as an add on for a system that already has a good controller... well it just isn't a different enough experience to make a big dent with the Wii crowd yet.

Trust me, if the PS4 launches with Move standard it will all be fine and dandy by the masses.

nycredude2853d ago

If it is a blowout success, then it would mean the masses want it, so I don't see why not include it in your next iteration of your console. It's not like they will stop supporting controllers. Even the Wii you can still the controllers to play games not designed for the Wiimote so I don't see your point.

you Motion haters need to stop and use your brain before you comment cause you're not making sense. Obviously there is a market for motion controls, otherwise The PS Move and Kinect wouldn't be selling at all. As a company the most important thing is to give people what they want. You can't have all your eggs in one basket, you've got to diversify.

As long as Sony, or MS, or Nintendo don't neglect the core gamers, I don't see what the problem is. Just because you don't want motion controls does not mean no one wants it. Don't ruin it for others, and vice versa.

cliffbo2853d ago

@R2D2 "Well said CatGUY
We all know the only reason MS and Sony are doing this motion [email protected] is because Nintendo is/was making a sh!t load of money from it. "

you are completely wrong sony was working on motion controllers long before nintendo and microsoft were and ofcourse they want to make money they are a business after all or if you had a business would you not want to make money ?

and you are getting hardcore games with the Move controller example "killzone 3" but with Kinect you are not getting any hardcore games as it is so limited in it's ability you do need BUTTONS you know ive said it before and ill say it again all the Kinect is, is an EXPENSIVE EYETOY nothing more.

karl2853d ago

wait guys

i know we all love our controllers but if it actually works better for games... why not?

its not like SONY is going to stop producing hardcore games.. the controllers may change.. but as i said if the experience turns better.

i will support it.. obviosly i think i will decide that when i play infamous 2 and killzone 3 with move.... until then...

moparful992853d ago

Sony will never abandon the controller.. If move is successful then it just means we will see better games.. Remember the ps3 has sold 41 million units to date without move, sony would be stupid to turn their backs on that kind of success... Stop fear mongering and just trust sony, they never let us down...

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billbox20102853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Nothing except for Sorcery is remotely interesting in that list of move to me. Same sh1t, different day.
If your a PS3 owner in japan who already has a Wii I cant see why you’d want to buy Move. Your Wii has bucket loads of party games and the Move support for the likes of KZ3 and Heavy Rain isnt going to sell a shed load of Move’s is it?

xg-ei8ht2853d ago

I don't think it would be the only option of control.

There was always be normal controllers.

This just add's to other types of gameplay.

buffig2853d ago

so after half a week of sales, we've decided that it isn't a contributing factor in hardware sales? wow

SuperStrokey11232853d ago

Well they are assuming it would have at least caught some early adopters i guess.

ct032853d ago

If Move were to have an impact on console sales, it would be especially pronounced around launch date. Since it did not impact now (at launch), it's unlikely it will have an impact later.

dtrain212853d ago

Japan is waiting for the Kinect

finnhima2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

I fell out of my computer chair laughing so hard at that statement. Japan waiting for...kinect? Please tell me that was sarcasm. It just had to be!!! lol!!

MajestieBeast2853d ago

Ye the land that hates the 360 is waiting for eye toy 2.0...

Adva2853d ago

People in Japan would have to demolish their apartments/houses and make more room for it.

raztad2853d ago

xbox360 sold 2K units last week. It doesnt support your idea. I might be wrong tho, lets see.

It is clear motion controller frenzy is fading away in Japan, look at Wii sales for reference. MOVE needs a system seller over there.

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condorstrike2853d ago

that's not good.....:(

now i'm thinking not buying it....if it flops, then M$ might take the lead, and that means less exclusives for Sony and more for M$, which I don't mind cause I have both consoles, but Japan is the big testing ground for Jap companies like Sony and bigN.

killcycle2853d ago

Sony is not Microsoft, they won't just give up on games if hardware don't sell well.

Ps3 was doing terrible at first but picked itself up as did blu-ray movies.
Psp sofware is still being developed too despite piracy.

condorstrike2853d ago

that's because they were loosing so much money on those 1st release PS3 that they had to keep trying and also they were trying to push Blueray....which is the main cause they never gave up.

BrianG2853d ago

Really? Your not going to buy it because 4 days of sales data on a product that is releasing along side a Mario game in Japan isn't good? Even if Japan only sells 2.5 million Moves in the next few years it will be a success for Sony and they should support it. Remember they only have a little over 5 millions PS3's sold there.

Don't worry about sales so much man, just buy it if you want it and play the games.

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