Top Five Horror Movies That Should Be Video Games

It’s Halloween time and the perfect time to turn on the TV and find some channel’s annual horror movie marathon. They do it every year, without fail. Every year you get the chance to find out which Friday the 13th movie had the wannabe fake Jason, or which George Romero zombie movie had Bub in it. Then we get the video games, most of which are pretty good, but have been done before. The zombie horde video game is about to hit the wall, and every know and then we will get a new Silent Hill or Resident Evil game, which is always good. But there is an untapped resource of horror movies that have never really been fully utilized to their full video game potential. If done right, a studio or developer would make a mint in partnering up with adult diapers and psychiatrists after people play these games to their fear inducing best and gore it up.

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Game-ur2851d ago

Open world monster hunting Supernatural game.

Yes it’s a TV series but I think it would be the best

theonlylolking2850d ago

Yup but a pro dev like naughty dog has to do it.

ico922850d ago

28 days later, anyone ?

Call_me_Ishmael2851d ago

they shouldve made a forest gump game it would have owned.

RustInPeace2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

almost any established horror movie franchise (I mean older and better known, not these stupid SAW games. Not much to the movies at all except the devices used, and nothing else.) Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street (i know there were games for these) Friday the 13th, ANYTHING could work, so long as you have real fans who know how to be faithful to the original medium. And if devs got it right, they would bring in established writers/directors for direction (here's hoping F3AR does well, especially with John Carpenters help.)

2851d ago
punisher992851d ago

I'd absolutely love a current gen Friday The 13th game, as well as a Halloween game.

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The story is too old to be commented.