Killzone 3: Crazy Melee Attacks and Knife Kills In A New Gameplay Video

A new Killzone 3 video shows crazy melee attacks and knife kills. Watch it in HD!

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TheFreak2730d ago

man I want to play the beta sooo bad :(

theonlylolking2730d ago

In January there should be a multiplayer demo for KZ3. The online portion of the demo only lasts for 2 weeks but you can always download the demo and play against the bots.

Red_Orange_Juice2730d ago

i don't like to say that on someone's video, but he's somewhat noobish

FFXI1012730d ago

That's why he's playing with bots.


No question in my mind that this game will be another high rated exclusive for the ps3 with an average score of 9/10. but what i do not like is that sony will not market this game the same way micro soft will market its own exclusive.... i have both consoles and i enjoyed halo reach but i know that killzone3 will b better but i know that halo reach sales will forever b above killzone3 sales or else sony markets this game properly. either way congrats to both sony and micro soft.. this gen has been one of my best gamin gen because the more the competion the better quality the games on both consoles.

raztad2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

A new update is live. Played some Warfare and Operations to test it out.

The movement is a little heavier than was before the patch. Hope it stays that way, feels great. it should be a good middle ground.

Weapons (tried SMG and shooty) got a little of more recoil. Nothing overboard. Tried the shooty for first time, and it feels great. Accuracy is perfect IMO, and it is not very effective at long range at is supposed to.

I'm very happy with KZ3 multiplayer.

Troll_Police2730d ago

Great. Make sure you give feedback to Guerilla Games.

Kleptic2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

yeah that video made it look pretty different in terms of weapon recoil...nice to see the STA14 with an attachment though, is that controllable? do weapons now have attachments you can choose?...

Can't say i'm crazy about the feedback for a kill though...I LOVED how in killzone 2 there was no point blinkers or anything, just the ticker on the left...and you could judge the kill by that awesome casino beep rather than a bunch of shit flashing in front of you...I like the added incentives with double kills and the overall new xp system (the multiplayer point system in killzone 2 was always sort of broken, as headshots would count as '2 kills' and other weird things like that)...I just hope they move the earning thing to somewhere other than the middle of the screen...

Its hard to believe they improved the sound so much too...grenade explosions and weapon fire sounds so much deeper now, which is saying something because killzone 2 already had incredible sound...

this guy is terrible though...he is playing bots, that appear to be on a normal difficulty...and still getting slaughtered...

raztad2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Sorry you are not in thief. Hope Sony allows more people to try it. Rest assure KZ3 is gonna be incredible in all fronts.


I would love an option for HUD style. For example a hardcore mode with not HUD at all for maximum immersion.

Kleptic2730d ago

you can't do that? I thought in killzone 2 you could turn the hud off if you wanted? I know in single player you could, but i thought there was an option in mulitplayer too to turn it off when you set up the game, but nobody ever really did it...its been a while, haven't played in months...

raztad2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

I meant for KZ3. I know it is available in KZ2. Playing on Elite is amazing. I actually havent check if the hud cant be toggled off. I'll check for it later.

thief2730d ago

I am just happy its coming out well. The graphics and gameplay look top notch. Worth waiting for. Killzone 2 provided some of the best gaming experiences I have had. I remember reading all the beta feedback in late 2009 about KZ2 and how everyone just raved about it, and wondered if the game would live up to the hype. Wasnt dissapointed then, and I am sure KZ3 will be even better.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Confirmed. Looks like they toned down the M22A LMG. Thank goodness! Discovered a bug in the first match after the update about to send feedback.

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MEsh3L2730d ago

knife kill ... really amazing

MiloGarret2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Not really, it's by far the worst part of the beta so far. One hit melee kills should not exist in MP shooters.

Here's how to do well in the KZ3 beta so far, without employing any skill whatsoever: Use Infiltrator class, make sure you've upgraded your sprint/stamina and disguise. Start game, press right on d-pad to disguise, run like an idiot, press L1 when more or less close to the enemy - success! Note, this "tactic" is not recommended for the more open maps, unless you limit your movement to confined areas.


Btw: that was painful to watch.

Cevapi882730d ago

you have a problem with actual melee kills....actual animations showing how you kill the other have a problem with that? if thats not fair for you, go play some MW2 and then come back to us and tell us that ACTUAL melee kills that require some strategy are the worst part of KZ3

fooltheman2730d ago

one hit kills are not bad...
But the infiltrator class has become to powerfull

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