First Look: Disgaea 4's "Punishment" System

Andriasang: This week's Flying Get had mention of a "punishment system" for Disgaea 4 as detailed in the latest Dengeki PlayStation. Here's a look, courtesy of Dengeki PS Online.

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Godmars2902668d ago

Keep this up and Disgaea 6 will either be an Anime themed remake of Dungeon Keeper or a hentai game.

Neckbear2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Besides, Disgaea has always had a fair share of fanservice.

On-Topic: Just think about it. Punishing my generic flat-chested archers and loli-wizards...HNNNNGGG.

Anon73492668d ago

Disgaea? Hentai game? With delicious flat chests, Demon-girls, Lolis galore, etc?

Are you complaining or is that wishful thinking? I honestly can't tell.

2668d ago