7 year old boy uses his DS to save family’s life

"Christopher Miszkowiec is a 7 year old boy whom not too long ago was involved in quite the car accident, when his family was driving late at night on a country road near Heathcote, Victoria."

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allysaurus872818d ago

It does have the power of two suns after all.

Jackojwang2818d ago

Maybe not the original DS Bu if it's a Lite or better than yeah! Nice job kid!

vickers5002817d ago

This is great and inspiring news.

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Quagmire2817d ago

Touching is good


Coogi2817d ago

I've used when the power went out before to get around, lol.

KellyKellyWWE202818d ago

Sometime please show this to Jack Thompson. Hahaha.

halojane92818d ago

I'd like to see what that crab would have to say...

nskrishna22818d ago

bu..bu..bu...Grand Theft Auto still killed the kids...

Morons like him, can't be reasoned with

TonykomatMK2818d ago

I know what he would say, "it was because of the boy playing DS I'm the first place that distracted his parents and caused them to get into an accident in the first place." lol what a DB.

OldSchoolGamer32818d ago

This kid will grow up to be a life long Nintendo fan no doubt! I'm happy to hear stuff like this now and then as it combats the crap the gaming industry usuall gets.

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The story is too old to be commented.