Ripten Review: Fable III (Xbox 360)

The Fable franchise has been been the subject of harsh criticism over the past few years, but the discontent of the masses comes not from broken games, but broken promises. While Fable II was a massive step forward from its predecessor, the game did not deliver the entire experience promised by Lionhead Studios, developer of this fantasy role playing series. The third installment is another large leap forward, but definitely leaves one wondering if this road does, in fact, lead to revolution.

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jaredhart2702d ago

Haven't decided whether to pick it up yet.

Sigmarue2702d ago

Get it. All new copies come with another helping of DLC, like... Weird outfits. Also, you can change your dogs' breed. It's so cool.


Nostradavis2702d ago

Fable backwards is Elbaf. Other letter variations create words like Bafle, Labfe, and Efbal. Food for thought.

KingNintendoFanboy2702d ago

I found this to be highly educational.

Sigmarue2702d ago

Educational? Compared to beating your head against a wall, maybe.

-Mezzo-2702d ago

Still haven't bought this & i think i won't for a while now, since Black Ops is coming out in a few days and i won't be able to play any other game, & by the time i will get tired of it, the megaton will arrive Killzone 3.

kevco332702d ago

Switch that round for me - get this, forget Black Ops.

Sigmarue2702d ago

I agree with this suggestion time a bazillion.

Stunt2702d ago

Sounds like the game's pretty good. Still gotta pick this up!

dagamdagee2702d ago

Fable has never been my kind of game. I just feel let down by the entire experience, especially with the lack of innovative interactions. There are only so many times I can give some generic gestures before I feel cheated by Molyneux. I could never get into the combat. However, it's a good review, and it seems as thought Lionhead is genuinely trying to address past issues. Still not worth a purchase to me. I've played better adventure games.

divideby02702d ago

I keep hearing gamers playing through the game without dying a single time.
Combat which keeps this type of game interesting to me, even in the better reviews called combat easy and repetitive.
I decided not to pick up my pre-order based upon the reviews and 2 personal friends who are playing the game. Both told me they will lend it to me next week.
I am gonna wait and see what the PC version looks like

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The story is too old to be commented.