Top 10 Most Impressive Call of Duty: Black Ops Videos

Sniper action, awesome killstreaks and impressive skills: Watch the ten most impressive Call of Duty: Black Ops gameplay videos so far.

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deafwing2761d ago

my thoughts exactly ... haha
I'm sorry guys .. I''m still getting Black Ops
but Killzone 3 is making this look like a chump :D

tpark1012762d ago

I am starting to lose interest in this game from seeing too much gameplays.

AllroundGamer2762d ago

and I am starting to lose interest in N4G seeing too much german google translate bull$hit websites with crappy embedded youtube videos...

OpiZA2761d ago

Especially ones with zero mobile support.

kingboy2762d ago

lol and we have another one

xg-ei8ht2761d ago

Can someone show me an impressive COD footage, because i've never seen any?

2761d ago