X07: Microsoft's Jeff Bell on Halo 3, Madden 08, Wii360 & More

Before the event was blacked out by an unfortunate power outage, got to sit down with Jeff Bell, Xbox's Corporate Vice President of Global Marketing, where they discussed exclusive titles, the Wii-60 phenomenon, and user generated content.

"In the case of EA, we just have an incredible partnership with them. Madden is not exclusive for us but they know where their bread is buttered. We will outsell the PS2 and PS3 version of Madden this Holiday Season combined."

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drtysouf214128d ago

"Lets be honest. There's only two major franchises that don't appear on our platform: Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid."

Well what does he consider Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Gran Turismo, Singstar, etc. Aren't those pretty big franchises that aren't on the 360?

This is a question not a comment.

Neoninja4128d ago

Well the 360 already has forza and project gothem so that takes care of gran turismo. And I think he meant 3rd party games not first.

MK_Red4128d ago

Agree with drtysouf21. He totally ignored huge franchises like Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, God Of War, Tekken, GT and more...

Neoninja, he is not talking about genres. He talked about big franchises and Gran Turismo is among the biggest racing franchises out there if not the biggest.

ParaDise_LosT4128d ago

You'd know he's talking about 3rd party games...

segasage4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

is more like it. Use your Brain for once..

first Party Franchises could never make it on other Consoles, unless one went under.(SEGA)

plus he is right, if and when MS's console gets these two, then 3rd-party becomes less important in grabbing market-share for either console.

first-party this gen becomes much more important...

Ri0tSquad4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

"Well the 360 already has forza and project gothem so that takes care of gran turismo."
I got a good laugh reading that.

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Bigmac5734128d ago

Is an assclown. Go get schooled by Reggie Bush again at Madden.

MK_Red4128d ago

He says that Wii owners are not new gamers and all of them are Nintendo fans. While it's partially true, there are a dozen of non-Nintendo fans that have bought Wii.

BenzMoney4127d ago

A whole DOZEN of them?! Holy CRAP!!!

Bnet3434127d ago

I think you need to take a trip to math class.

razer4128d ago

You would think MS would have some bombshell announcements or at the very least some new 1st party title announcements.. They were quiet at Leipzig and now X07 is sounding like a wimper. Maybe they are saving it for TGS? 08 is sounding rather lame at this point beyond the games that have been pushed back and Too Human.

Also, Jeff Bell is a marketing guy and a bit of an "assclown" as someone said earlier I wouldn't take too much of what he says seriously. It's funny now that the Wii has kicked the 360s ass in hardware sales they are bringing back their "Wii60" talk.. Too bad Nintendo has no love for MS..

BIG494127d ago

but what it's doing to sony is called rape!!!!!

beavis4play4127d ago

what would you call what ps1 and ps2 did to nintendo and microsoft? decapitation or mutilation?

nobizlikesnowbiz4127d ago


But then they put the pieces back together and are running the train on Sony.

BIG494127d ago

the ps1 and ps2 are not even part of the discusion but while your at it what are the aaa titles that we can expect for those systems for 2008-2009

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Meus Renaissance4128d ago

I like him. He's quite open and bias; I like to see that for all personally.

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