MyInsideGamer Review | EA Sports MMA

The MMA field has been dominated by an unchallenged UFC Undisputed these past two years, and it’s about time a competitor to the title of Best MMA Game arrived. That competitor comes in the form of the unoriginally named EA Sports MMA. If the history is to be believed, UFC originally approached EA to develop UFC’s official game but EA turned them down on the grounds it’s not a real sport. Reflecting on the success UFC Undisputed saw under the guidance of THQ, EA decided to venture into the market of MMA games.

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jimbojones992734d ago

awesome game!!!!! watching games online: brilliant idea!

jinofthesheep2734d ago

it is a great idea that'll work well with other titles, but MMA doesn't exactly destroy the opposition. the battle between this and UFC will be long and bloody i feel.