Amazon Back with Insane Call of Duty Black Ops Deal


"The anticipation for the latest Call of Duty installment (Black Ops) is heating up, and the retail pre-order deals keep rolling in!

If you happened to miss out on Amazon's previous Black Ops offers, you may want to jump on the latest...

They are currently offering Call of Duty Black Ops for retail price, but are now throwing in 100 pre-order bonus points.

So what are 100 pre-order bonus points worth you may ask..."

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crocs2818d ago

wish I had gotten the $20 credit, but I guess this will do...

BubbleSystemSuck2818d ago

im so tired of the CoDBo Hyper Hype Titles... INSANE! AWESOME! INCREDIBLE!

Nate-Dog2818d ago

Agreed. I don't even live in the US and I know that Amazon often do these deals with a $10 gift card / points value with relatively-big pre-orders. The site doesn't even say if the game is cheap or about any extras with the game.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

I don't know about you but I don't like having my emotions played with like that....$10 pfft!


I pre-ordered MoH and got the $20 credit I took that and applied it COD:BO Harden Edition. Sweet!


I bought the last one...sucka! :P

Millah2818d ago

Wow. Did this author really just describe this deal as "insane?"

He must be insanely retarded.

BulletToothtony2817d ago

if you live in FL or GA Brandsmart USA has the game up for pre-order.. store only for $48.88

that's where i'm gonna get it from

Silverfang23402817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

It's just another CoD game, they'll keep coming out just like guitar hero has with little improvements

TVippy2817d ago

What's INSANE about it?????

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TheLastGuardian2818d ago

I hope Amazon gets the hardened edition back in stock for PS3 soon.

Crazyglues2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

I pre-ordered a long time ago.. ftw (do the win) that 20 credit just looked too good so I decided to just go ahead and pre-order..

So I don't know what this site is talking about, because compared to that this seems pretty lame, they give 10 bucks off a lot of games.. nothing special, don't know how this even got approved.


vhero2818d ago

Still not better than the loss leader than all major superstores will be doing...

Organization XII2817d ago

yeah you can still get it for free on torrents, now thats Insane...

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theonlylolking2818d ago

Insane? Its just 10 bucks that wont pay for the DLC packs.

theonlylolking2818d ago

Very true but you have to pay for other expenses.

Soldierone2818d ago

Until Activision makes subscription based services mandatory on online games.

Trizard2818d ago

I give this preorder bonus a meh. Its not $20 like other games (Reach, MW2, etc) and it doesn't have that much (or any?) exclusive content (which usually sells me)

Organization XII2817d ago

why not wait few more months and get it for 10$ on steam, you know fps belongs to the pc after all.consoles suck ass when it comes to fps games

divideby02818d ago

best buy for me is the best place to buy games of late.

you get reward points ~ $ 5 - 10 bucks per game AND they will match the price if the game is sold less in 30 days and they get the games the first day. The later I use all the time. I bought Reach for 35 bucks

Fadetoblack692818d ago

Best Buy in my area is STILL selling APB for $60 O.o Things like this would be why I won't shop there.

Organization XII2817d ago

best buy are lame, get it from walmart...

despair2818d ago

why is this news? Amazon does this for all major releases, hell sometimes you get $20 credit...approving anything and everything on N4G is like a virus.

Esena2818d ago

Hmmm, so my pre-order from Amazon right now has me at $54, is it worth redoing it for a future $10 off or keep the $6 off now?

Soldierone2818d ago

It should auto add it to your account either way. I pre-ordered Medal of Honor months ahead before they had any deals for it, and still got a 20 dollar promotional credit after purchase.

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