Gears of War 2 Getting 31 Times XP This Weekend Writes:

"We’ve heard of double XP weekends but this is just nuts. Epic Games has announced that Gears of War 2 is getting 31 TIMES XP this weekend."

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meetajhu2818d ago

For a sec i read like Gears 2 coming to PC this 31st even to Win XP

RedDead2818d ago

I'd probably feel cheated if I put in all the time. Now someone who's played very little can get up to your rank. Haven't played Gears2 in ages actually, I might give it a go :D

jimbojones992818d ago

probably cause noone plays it anymore...

maxcer2818d ago

epic has had many events like this, and right from the release of gear2 in 2008. maybe if your weren't a blindfanboy you might realize epic has supported gears more than most this gen.

darksied2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

I would appreciate the "support" more if it was in the form of patches fixing the major, major bugs that plagued the multiplayer. I'd rather see that then instead of the events, dlc, more events, xp bonus, etc. Instead we have the latter, and patches that really didn't fix much of anything that mattered; it wasn't until like the 5th title update that even the 2-piece was fixed. Maybe after all that they could have done some events FOR the player base, instead of now trying to get them back WITH events.

Tommykrem2818d ago

...That's just silly.

DoomeDx2818d ago

If i just bought a game, and there was a 31x xp weekend, i wouldnt play it.
Ranks up to easy.

theonlylolking2818d ago

I was thinking about buying this game since they seem to like these huge x exp days.

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The story is too old to be commented.