Black Ops: Hitler finds out that there is no Quick Scoping

Yet a new Hitler parody.
Hitler finds out that there will be no quick scoping in Call of Duty Black Ops.

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Game-ur2766d ago

My kid nephews raged when I told them about removing quick scoping, vowd to skip Black Ops.

acky12766d ago

I love these hitler vids, they never get old.

ps the sound of that door opening at the 1min mark brings back great memories of Return to Castle Wolfenstein :)

Red_Orange_Juice2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

no quick scoping? WHHAAAAAAAT??? finaly, good!

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2766d ago

"What do they expect me to do? Sit in the corner like I'm WIngs of Redemption?"


Red_Orange_Juice2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

QSing is cheap as hell and JD_2020 is right, he might've been a little too harsh as for a CM but those noobs need to learn.
How is it legitimate when those fools don't even see their victims tru scopes? They rely on stupid perks and game mechanics, it's not possible in real life, maybe once per 50 tries.

I'd rather die by rocket luncher shot in my face than quickscoped, it's also frustrating but I might get him next time, but I won't be able to kill a quickscoper next time when he kills me in a blink of an eye. It may not be cheating, game may not be broken, but it's truly unfair, how in the holly mother of F, they are able to do this while running - no i'm not praising the skill, I know how it's happening, it shouldn't be possible to do, other than pure luck.

Don't dedicate you gaming life to one, pretty unfair method of playing, do you drive one car in Forza? do you always play the same character in SF, there's a big chance you don't.

deafwing2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

the vu vu zel la one was funny to

check it out

LMAO @ "I want to make montages!"

Fruit Loops2765d ago

but i get pissed when they QS me on my foot -___-

kunit22c2765d ago

I don't understand the quickscope hate... Its the thing in call of duty games that take the most skill. Any noob can fucking pick up a Machine Gun and hold down the trigger button and spray but quickscoping requires you to actually have precision and be quick about it, and not off a little bit here and there but be right on the mark, and even if you get them right on the mark you can still get hitmarkers, so I REALLY don't see how its that cheap especially in black ops how a Machine Gun kills you in 2 hits, and you NEVER hear anyone online complaining about quickscopers... EVER; I can easily swear on my life I never heard anyone complain about it, until I heard it on this site, your all delusional everyone will be mad about this EXCEPT you select few here on N4G. I have heard people complain about camping with snipers which is now all snipers can do so... I Really don't understand the quickscope hate.. Its not a gauranteed one hit kill and it takes the most skill... that doesn't sound cheep to me.

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CrzyFooL2765d ago

these never get old, lol. Best thing Tom Cruise ever did was get this shitty movie made for the purposes of epic meme!!

Jack-Pyro2765d ago

Uhhhhhhh....Tom Cruise wasn't in Downfall.....Your thinking of Valkyrie.

Red_Orange_Juice2765d ago

the "Hitler movie" Cruise stared in was a different movie, it was Valkyrie, the movie used for this meme is Downfall

aviator1892766d ago

quickscoping ruins games anyways.

theonlylolking2766d ago

If you lose to a quickscoper you either suck or the quick scoper has skill.

redDevil872766d ago

Or the fact the quickscoping is cheap. Getting killed be someone using auto aim with a one shot kill gun doesn't mean the killer has skill or you suck.

headwing452766d ago

It's hit and miss, which is why quick scoping is so gay and nooby, plus it's not something the developers put in MW2 intentionally, so it's only natural they remove it

theonlylolking2765d ago

I hate sniping in COD so I use assult rifles

All weapons have aim assist so its not cheap. You have a fully auto gun use it!

deafwing2765d ago

... I think he knows that all the weapons have auto aim

but only the snipe gun has 1 hit kill ability (besides an up close melee)

Dnied2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

It's true but theres no convincing the hundreds of shooter nubs on this site that started their shooter careers with cod4.

every gun has the aiming support, the only difference between sniping and using a an M4 is that the sniper gets 1 bullet, 1 chance, and the player using the M4 can hold that trigger down until a series of bullets kill X amount of people within seconds.

How on earth did such a reaction time reliant skill become so cheap and hated... you ask any professional / competative player who has been playing shooters for over 10 years, like myself, and they will all side with quickscoping. Don't bother debating with me unless you've played in a competative league at a high-caliber level plz.

How on fukin earth did this become the cheap way when we now have AIRSTRIKES and GRENADE LAUNCHERS and 3 frag grenades each that you can throw into the sky and hope it lands into someones mouth.

I repeat, they ALL have aim assist in this console game but if you go to medal of honor and disable it I guarantee you the talented quickscopers will destroy anyone claiming they're terrible.

IMO anyone with a single shot weapon that can take out multiple guys in close range is 1 good fucking player, I have no idea how this doesn't make sense to anyone this shit has been around since counterstrike beta.

deafwing2765d ago

... are you serious .. anyways

snipers just get no love

not even in real life .. they are hated on the battlefield, and that hates comes over nicely in games ... to hell with them

Dnied2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Yes professional,

like paid salaries, full sponsorships (Nvidia, ATI, Sennheiser to name a few) and air travel fees to play a shooter. There are also professional wow arena players believe it or not.

it's called e-sports and they've been around for I don't know how long, whenever SK and 3D were huge in the cs community which was probably like 10 years ago...

If quickscoping was cheap, you wouldn't have only a handful of players that stood out for their quickscoping / awping abilities like kyle miller or griffin bengaar (ksharp / shaguar) to name a couple who became so good at quickscoping that they were idolized by gamers at the time because of how ridiculous you had to be to master something like that

If you started shooters when cod4 was new, then I don't blame you for not knowing, but don't talk shit because you don't know a whole lot if you started only a few years ago.

I'm also talking on a high caliber level where it was the hardest to quickscope.. I'm not talking about a regular CS player who popped into a few pubs and played maps like OFFICE or MILITIA lol

I remember wanting to improve my accuracy and reaction speed so I'd deliberately play small sized maps and just run around with an AWP and a pistol because if you were good at quickscoping you were even better at aiming a gun with multiple bullets..and to anyone who asked me for advice I used to just tell them to grab a scout or awp and run around small maps with lots of players.

evrfighter2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )


dude your talking about REAL quickscoping. Console players have no concept of what that is. quickscoping on a console is pointing your gun in the general direction of the enemy. zooming so that the auto aim locks on for you and firing. basically its kids using aimbot and thumping their chest thinking their good.

The quickscoping your talking about requires actual skill as there is no auto aim in pc games and what a lot of real fps gamers associate twitch shooting with.

Dnied2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

You are right, but a few things to consider..

In Medal of honour you can disable the feature, I'm willing to bet a lot of the better quickscopers from cod4 could take any player that calls him/her cheap into that game and repeat the same thing.

Another thing, I guarantee not many people talking down and ultimately had quickscoping removed, can actually compete and just generally hate the idea of "quickscoping" because they think its cheap because of a few deaths that pissed them off, and that's what I'm trying to defend here.. It's not like the auto aim is disabled for the guns they use, and they do the exact same thing, left trigger to aim, right trigger to shoot.

For people that think they can "no scope" on these consoles maybe, because then the aim assist really does help when no scoping should really just be completely innaccurate and random bullet spreads but for quickscoping with a burst shot sniper rifle really isnt any advantage over anyone else in that game and they still need to be just as quick.

Aimbots will auto target an enemy anywhere on the screen and rotate the camera to adjust but this aim assist in consoles is just a slight magnetic effect that will follow an enemy for about a second and you have to be aiming pretty close to them in the first place for it to even kickin.

..besides can you REALLY argue that even if quickscoping is easier in these games, its cheaper than noob tubing, lobbing grenades (x3) across the map, airstrikes, choppers etc?

And yes I am probably over reacting here but I care about this stuff LOL hell I don't even quickscope in these games that much lol It's just that this game could have been the mw2 that should have been but taking out quickscoping was the last thing that should have been on their lists of things to remove from that game.

Anon73492765d ago

CS? Competitive?

WoW? Competitive?

That's like playing competitive dice. It's more chance than anything.

Try playing a real game like Tribes 2, Quake 3, etc

Am I alright with quick scoping? Sure thing, if done properly.

Am I alright with quick scoping in COD? No. COD is the most broken, unbalanced piece of crap whatsoever made Activision which can burn in hell for all I care. Their quick scoping is also, unsurprisingly implemented very poorly, the removal of it truly is the best thing they can do.

Don't assume everyone hates quick scoping in general when the discussion is aimed at a specific game, in this game COD.

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FishCake9T42766d ago

His PSN:

RedDead2766d ago

Jesus how many times can this vid be used?

ALICE6662766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

lol i dont know but it never gets old for me. :D

Favorite thus far is the GT5 one lol. Makes the pain of waiting less painful when hitler also shares my pain.

Downtown boogey2765d ago

I think this was the best! It felt REAL even!!

KiL-shablogin2766d ago

But its hilarious every time

retrofly2766d ago

Its true I laugh before the vid even starts becuase I knwo whats comming :)