PS3 could catch Xbox 360 in two years

Global sales of Sony’s machine could see it overtake rival in near future unless Kinect offers sales boost.

The worldwide install base of PS3 is now just 5.4m units behind that of Xbox 360, according to the latest numbers from Sony and Microsoft.

Eurogamer reports that total PS3 console sales now stand at 39.2m units. Xbox 360 retains a narrow lead for the time being with sales of 44.6m units.

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MariaHelFutura2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Who cares? In terms of ME as a gamer they already won.

1st. The software IMO is 10x better than any other current console. Look at GT5.

2nd. Dead Rising and Mass Effect were my favorite 360 series.

3rd. Sales mean nothing to me as long as it enough to produce another ip/sequel/console.

360RRODFIX2818d ago

2 years? PS3 is already only 4 million units behing. With one year and year and the half after 360 got released. You do the math

ico922818d ago

But this is irrelevant to the gamer , its not gonna change the way i view the ps3, i still think its better than the 360 regardless if it's 1st 2nd or 3rd, the ps3 being 3rd hasn't changed MGS4, Uncharted 1-2 or LBP from being some of my favourite games.

sikbeta2818d ago

No one is taking in consideration the Biggest PlayStation 3 Game, the Flagship of the PlayStation Brand, The Real Driving Simulator #5 will move millions in HW, it always happens, that's why there are 2 iterations per generation, first one drive HW sales, second bring Profit, smart move by Sony that no one seems to get...

Hideo_Kojima2818d ago

The PS3 is a better saleing console than the 360 already...

I don't get why they don't take into account the 1 1/2 extra years the 360 has been on the market before the PS3 came out.

By that mentality the PS1 has sold better than the 360 and is therefore more popular and a better selling console.

PS - If we take into account all the Xbox 360s that RRODed out of their insurance and add subtrack them from extra sales we would get a lot more consoles than just 3 million.

There are more working PS3s in households than working 360s.

Game-ur2818d ago

PS3 already selling more software, proof their are millions of flatlined 360s out their.

NeoBasch2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

4 million? Where'd you pull that number from? Try 2.9 million. Also, according to the latest quarterly report, Sony has outsold MS by 2.3 million units. We haven't even hit the holidays, but, if you want to delude yourself into believing MS will stay ahead beyond the holiday season, go ahead. By all means, continue this idiotic fanboy war. Whether it be this year or the next, unless Kinect sets a fire under the game industry, Sony will match sales of the 360 in less time MS could manage. That there is truth. There's no fighting it.

It doesn't mean the 360 is in any way a bad console. Au contraire, it will remain a very good, and powerful, machine that has provided many joys over the last couple years, and still will for years to come. But this is sales. That's why I hate it when gamers bring up the sales schtick. Bitter tears for all. : (

InTheKnow2818d ago

@Ico...I agree...who cares. I own all the consoles and 360 is the by far the best.

I'm more interested in great games and great gaming experiences. The only system that has that is the 360. PS3 just has to many holes. Terrible controller, confusing set up and OS, half-ass online and some of the worst games ever. Just look at the 2010 line up for Sony...if that's the only system you had, you had an awful year.

M$ is the worlds biggest and best software maker and it shows everyday. M$ got it right this gen and with Kinect generating alot of buzz for the system right now, I hope they throw some of that money at some new IP's.

BTW...M$ announced this morning that there profits are up 51% this Kinect and COD still to come.

Lightsaber2818d ago

The words HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA come to mind. All ps3 lil kiddie fangirls have been saying the same thing for the pass 5 years. 1st it was wait till the ps3 is release then it will out sell xbox instantly it never happen. Then it was wait 6 month we'll see. 6 Months became one year. Then it was just wait till 08, 08 became 09 , 09 became 2010 and now it seems 2010 has become 2012.

After 6 months on the market the ps3 was 5 million behind the 360, 3 years later its still sitting at 4 million behind the 360. If you were to figure that out it take another 12 year for the ps3 to equal the 360 in sales. For course Kinect it cause a surge in 360 sales so the ps3 is now falling behind the xbox once again

oh and btw GT5 was suppuse to be a luanch title and its still not out. Its probably nothing more the a tech demo

R2D22818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

are ignorant.

Its called individual preference - if you like Toyota some one else might like Honda, if you like Pepsi some one else might like Coke, if you like Sony TV's some one else might like Samsung TV's.

Same thing with the software - some people might love Halo and Gears and think that it is'nt anything on the PS3 that can rival those game or games like Heavy Rain and Uncharted on the PS3 people might think that there is nothing like it on the 360. I for one love all those games so guess what I own both systems.

NeoBasch2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

I like Hondas! Specifically, my one-time owner 2004 Honda Accord. <3

Also, why do you only have one bubble? Out of all the posts, I find yours the most reasonable. Kudos! Logic FTW!

Anon19742818d ago

The PS3 has been catching up to the 360 ever since it's been made available worldwide and so far year to date has outsold the 360 by 2.3 million consoles. If Sony hits their ship targets of 15 million for the fiscal year (and even Sony admits that might be low) and the 360 hits analysts ship estimates of 10.5 million - it looks like the 360 could be 3rd place worldwide by end this holiday season, end of march probably by the latest.

Scary692818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Awww the little baby getting bad. I give it till next year and the PS3 will out sell the 360. Even Halo could not help the 360 and Kinect will never help it either. As for the Wii really is no competition, I want to see the numbers next year around this time.<eg>

What you need to know is that your delusional, but it's ok there are meds for that. Great games in the 360? LMAO moron!

RageAgainstTheMShine2817d ago

and the inevitable has just happened!

42 M 360 versus 41.6 M PS3 = 400 K

no amount of billions can hide the facts.

Xbox 360 is going down.

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alb18992818d ago

thats an statement of somebody that feels ps3 won't pass in sales the 360 and prefer to change the conversation to other more convenient.

MariaHelFutura2818d ago

Why do I need the PS3 to "pass" the 360. I own a 360 too. I win either way, blind fanboy.

alb18992818d ago

Then why am i a fanboy i own a ps3 too........fanbuich!

MariaHelFutura2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

So your a fanboy AND a copycat. Nice. Pretend away child.

alb18992818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

You just have one bubble left so don't waste it calling me child or fanboy so you look more mature, lolol!!

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BrutallyBlunt2818d ago

They have both established themselves and created a long lasting footprint.

Also all one needs to do is look at the software support, they are virtually identical which is a far cry from last generation. Sure Sony has the upper hand in exclusives since they have more game studios but when you see game release lists on a monthly basis they are awfully familiar with one another with tons of support. Plus XBOX Live Arcade has tons of great games too along with the Playstation Network.

So this endless battle between the two has become redundant for quite some time now.

insomnium2818d ago Show
BrutallyBlunt2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

So not only have you posted to me privately from another topic you are now tracking my comments? Please don't embarrass yourself any further, we all know you're a Sony fanboy who really offers nothing to the community other than showing us your loyalty to a company who gives you nothing over what they give me.

Just stop. You're already down to 1 bubble and will now be on my ignore list. I said before, i am not willing to stoop to your level. I am here because i enjoy games on any platform. I am not here to defend Sony or anyone else and act all paranoid thinking there is all this bias around me in favor of Microsoft or whomever. So grow up, move on and focus on the games. Once you do that then you will realize the Playstation 3 and XBOX360 both offer tons of entertainment.

Whatever XBOX fanboys have said previously has nothing to do with me. So stop compounding all of this stuff that has happened in the past. This is why you are unable to have any civil or reasonable discussion. It is because of your inability to let things go, and coming here to start again with me is all the more apparent of that.

gtamike2818d ago

When GT5 comes out "Game Over Xbox 360"

NoBUDI2818d ago

Come December 8 2013, goodbye xbox 360

edhe2818d ago

How many people have gone the last 4 years waiting for GT and not already bought a ps3 to play the premium demo already?

TheFreak2818d ago

I have bought 2 xboxes and 1 ps3. My 360 broke no warranty bought a new one. I know I am an idiot, but hey I love games and microsoft are practically giving 360 out for free these days :)

knightdarkbox2818d ago

The ps3 may well catch the 360 in sales eventually, though i think it will be a couple of long years ahead yet.

It's still a fantastic achievement by microsoft to have done so well this time round, credit where it's due.
As long as it's a close run thing we all benefit, i'm lucky enough to own both but favour the 360 due to the controller (big hands)

gapecanpie2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

It won't happen and anyway in terms of me as a new Xbox owner I have already won.

With the finest software titles that I like which include Fable, Forza, Crackdown, and Gears being that they are my favorite series on the 360 so far and not to mention the unmatched Xbox Live service.

Oh and at first it was supposed to be PS Move that would move HW and now its GT5... LMAO and its not 4 million behind it 5.4 million behind.

bananlol2818d ago

Wouldnt call Fable, Forza, crackdown and gears(i can see why some would like it). and i wouldnt call live unmatched, i mean just look at steam, and its free!

You see people got different oppinions and you shouldnt pass yours off as fact. I do believe the ps3 is 2.9 million consoles behind and thats without subtracting all the rrod consoles. But why does that matter? why do you have to make up numbers to feel good about your purchase, i mean its only 200 dollars man, not worth going all psycho over.

feelintheflow2818d ago

that would be viewed at the number two spot and have an even market share as the Sony console this generation I would have laughed in your face. Anyone who thought this would happen, what am I saying, nobody thought this would happen. Could you imagine if Apple lost the amount of market share, that Sony did this generation, with its iPod next generation of ipods? The world would be upside down. Sony absolutely dominated last generation, and the xbox was just an afterthought. This generation the fact that it is close is an absolute win for Microsoft. You can hate them, and hate the machine and we all know that the ps3 is a better console with better games, but you can't deny that the inroads that Microsoft has made this generation is crazy.

silvacrest2818d ago

i dont no why this isb't common knowledge but android already has a larger market share then apples iphone which is probably the equivalent of whats happened with playstation and xbox

feelintheflow2818d ago

and I was referring to ipod not iphone, but your point is noted.

AceofStaves2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Agreed. For me, there is no console war. I have both a PS3 and Wii; I didn't purchase a 360 because, except for Fable, its exclusives don't interest me. I don't like playing online, so the free online provided by PSN is perfect for me.

I'm glad the 360 is doing well. Its entry into the console market has provided some healthy competition. It just doesn't offer me games and features I want that I can't get on other systems.

As always, people should buy the consoles and games that suit their needs and preferences. Sales ranks, etc., become irrelevant after that.

EDIT: Love the Eliphas Levy icon, btw.

visualb2818d ago

but I have a feeling 360 won't be around in 2 years.

I smell new console incoming by then.

JasonPC360PS3Wii2818d ago

and now its

King-Leonidas2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Great work Sony!


I just noticed the fanboy war here. I would like to say that while you guys play sales, i'll be playing great games like GT5.

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xYLeinen2818d ago

I don't see why this is so extremely important.

What is important is that both Xbox and PS3 is doing very well, and that both consoles profit both companies so we can have a healthy competition and get the best possible games and products from both consoles.

karl2818d ago

how can MS compete with SONY if they had no first party?

game studios compete with each other ... but sony and MS? they only compete with sales and what does that mean for gamerS? nothing

u could bring xbox live and... well thats it.

stonecold32818d ago

is only 3 million now cant wait for gt5 i think that 3 million will be gone in no time

darx2818d ago

Do you honestly believe that those 3 million were sitting around and waiting for gt5 to release before they went out and picked up a PS3?

visualb2818d ago

at what GT5 can do in Europe and Japan =P

its almost stupid. I knew a guy who bought his PS2 JUST for GT3, and only played GT3 and GT4 on it /(and had a few other games but never really explored those)


GranTurismo Fans. its insane, I don't get it, but they exist .

NYC_Gamer2818d ago

who really cares?those sales dont make me any money....

NoBUDI2818d ago

Ps3 is still last. Didn't we have this discussion last year? People saying by this time next year (this year) ps3 would be ahead? Hasn't happened.
Ps3 is still last, don't tell me about 1 year gap, numbers do not care when you started, if you're last, you're last.

alb18992818d ago

With the kinect momentum all bundles are sold out so i really think it will get ugly to ps3 to catch 360 in sales.

If you think sales are irrelevant then don't comment in sales articles so you prevent be angry all the time. lol!

GTmonster2818d ago

pretty defensive eh? not much to say about the PS3 isnt it?


NoBUDI2818d ago

Here are some truths, the years that Ps3 fanboys have claimed ps3 will overtake xbox- 2007- didn't happen, ok then, end 2008-nothing, alright, 2009 ought to do it-huge sales boost due to lower price but still no joy, roll in 2010 and we'll see-2010 is here and still xbox 360 has not moved from 2nd spot.
Now we're gonna hear talks of next year, same ol dribble, different year. Let me guess, gt5 will do it right? Yeah we'll see about that

Jdoki2818d ago


Only idiots said the PS3 would overtake the 360 in 07, 08 and 09. If you listened to them you allowed yourself to get dragged down to their level.

It's just as easy to argue about the 360 fanboys who said the gap between 360 and PS3 would extend in 07, 08 and 09!

It doesn't take much to see that the gap has closed since the PS3 launched - and unless Kinect gives a big boost to 360 hardware sales, the trend will continue and eventually the PS3 will overtake the 360.

ASSASSYN 36o2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

So jdoki can I call you an idiot in 2010, 11, and/or 12?

Jdoki2818d ago

Call me an idiot all you want buddy if that what gets you off, makes no odds to me. I never said when it'll happen just that the trend suggests it will at some point. Of course trends can change.

Maybe when the next Halo / Gears / Fable / Forza / Alan Wake or Kinect launches we'll see that gap actually widen consistently.

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